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7 Best Gold Wall Paint Colors for Timeless Decor

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You’ve probably been told at least once that painting a room’s walls gold is too gaudy or over-the-top.

You may even hear that incorporating gold can create a fussy and uninviting environment.


You don’t have to abandon your dream of a gold-painted room because I’m here to show you how often those claims aren’t true.

Gold is a timeless color that, when complemented well, can add depth and personality to a room while also providing comfort.

In fact, many of the most memorable rooms have gold-painted walls because they feel like warmth and luxury at the same time.

Before I show you the best gold wall paint colors and how to use them in various decor approaches, I’ll give you a brief history of gold as well as its characteristics.

So let’s jump right in!

A Brief History of Gold (The Color)

 Usually, when people think of the color gold, they most likely visualize metallic gold, which is the color of the precious metal gold.

However, gold, also called golden, is a combination of warm yellow and warm brown, specifically school bus yellow and ochre brown.

You’ll get different gold shades depending on how much of each color you use.

It’s not possible to get metallic gold from solid colors, though. So, the only way to give any shade of gold that metallic sheen is to add some gold metallic powder to the mix.

The Meaning of Gold

Because of the color gold’s association with the metal gold, it’s considered as the color of extravagance and wealth.

On the other hand, because it’s made from yellow and brown, gold is a neutral color that can convey warmth or sophistication, cheerfulness or somberness, modernity or tradition.

This ability to create polarizing moods is what makes using gold paint in interior design a pleasantly challenging task.

Gold in Interior Design

Using gold paint for walls in a room that receives a lot of direct sunlight creates a bright, lively environment.

If, on the other hand, the room doesn’t get much sunlight or you use yellow fluorescent lights, the gold walls will reflect a cozy glow that’s reminiscent of the most intense sunsets.

That said, gold doesn’t have to be on the walls to give any room more personality. You can use it as shower tiles in a bathroom or a backsplash in a kitchen.

You can go for the more traditional usage of the color and add subtle details, such as faucets and picture frames, to complement other colors.

With gold in interior design, the sky’s the limit, but nothing adds more character than a room painted gold.

So, here are the 7 of the best gold wall paint colors and how you can use them to add sophistication and warmth to various rooms in your home.

1. Summerdale Gold by Benjamin Moore

First on this list is the Summerdale Gold #HC-17 by Benjamin Moore. It’s one of the Historical Colors chart, which is a collection of colors inspired by America’s historic landmarks.

Summerdale Gold is a muted, earthy shade of gold that has hints of green. It’s a color that can match both traditional and contemporary designs.

Just as you can see in this bathroom, the Summerdale Gold ceiling contrasts nicely with the white quartz tile, which accentuates both of the neutral colors.

Instead of opting for a white ceiling, the Summerdale Gold ceiling adds variety to the shower stall.

In natural lighting, the Summerdale Gold will emit a golden-green hue that’ll reflect beautifully off of the white quartz.

On the other hand, in warm fluorescent lighting, the gold will give depth and boldness to the bathroom’s style

What’s more, the green in the rectangular pieces complements the green undertones in Summerdale, which gives off the illusion that they’re the same color and creates harmony.


2. Buttercup by Benjamin Moore

Buttercup #2154-30 is a subtle gold from Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview collection, which includes bright and vibrant colors as well as their more subtle counterparts.

While not as bright as the flower, Buttercup gold wall paint has a gently reflective quality similar to its namesake.

It also has a delicately cheerful tone, reminiscent of a sunny day spent indoors.

That’s why Buttercup by Benjamin Moore is ideal for spacious hallways with plenty of natural light.

Its subtle gold hue, combined with the gleaming daylight, will further expand and brighten the space.

At night, however, Buttercup will give the hall a distinct glow and warmth when combined with gilt wall sconces or lampshades.

Instead of creating the illusion of more space, Buttercup will give the hall some depth and coziness.


3. Mannered Gold by Sherwin-Williams

Mannered Gold SW 6130 by Sherwin-Williams is perhaps the closest gold wall paint on this list that resembles metallic gold.

It’s often mixed with Sherwin-Williams Metallic Impressions line, which converts Mannered Gold from solid wall paint to one of the metallic gold wall paint colors.

This gleaming gold paint is ideal for creating a modern take on the 70s eclectic bohemian style in a living room.

Take a look at this room, for example:

While the furniture is neutral, the Mannered Gold walls are harmoniously accented by the multicolored zigzag-patterned carpet and golden yellow small details like the couch pillows.

The warm fluorescent lights add depth to the walls as well, which creates a bold, prismatic environment.

Another similar and desirable paint with super gold undertones is Banana Cream from SW. Definitely worth checking out!


4. Babouche by Farrow and Ball

Babouche by Farrow and Ball is a stunning almost-gold yellow wall paint. It derives its unfamiliar name from the color of the leather slippers that Moroccan men wear.

The cheerful yellow has a vivid brightness due to its color saturation, but it’s never garish.

In fact, it’s often paired with more passive colors, such as blues and grays, to either accentuate Babouche or soften it.

You can also use rich, dark colors to complement Babouche, as seen in this bathroom. This combination of two intense colors creates a modern, opulent look.


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5. Gold Hearted by Behr

Behr’s Gold Hearted T17-02 is a light gold paint for walls. It can add comfort and warmth to even the coolest of spaces.

Often paired with earth tones of varying intensities, Gold Hearted works well with farmhouse, nautical, and even modern decor.

For example, when combined with dark brown or burgundy accents, Gold Hearted creates a modern rustic, cozy feel within the room, making it nearly impossible to resist the temptation to lie down, drink something warm, and read a good book for hours.


6. Sudbury Yellow by Farrow & Ball

Sudbury Yellow by Farrow & Ball is a warm, muted gold that can be used in a variety of decor styles.

That’s because it’s the most light-responsive gold wall paint color on this list.

In natural light, this soft yellow-gold glows and brightens the room along with it.

When the light dims, however, Sudbury Yellow walls exude softness and coziness.

In fact white and gold bedroom decor is one of the most popular combos in homes past and present.

What’s more, Sudbury contrasts well with crisp white and beige, which makes it one of the best bedroom gold wall paint colors.

7. Applesauce Cake by PPG


Applesauce Cake by PPG is a simultaneously saturated and subdued gold that has almond undertones.

Depending on the lighting, Applesauce Cake can appear like honey or a subtle tan.

That’s why it can lend itself well to living rooms paired with neutral Scandinavian colors.

Just like that, it becomes the room’s focal point, accents the neutrals, and offers the room more depth.


In Summary

Most people’s first thoughts when they hear the word “gold” are of glamor and opulence, which doesn’t explain why it’s frequently used as a subtle detail.

Gold is a versatile color that can work well with a multitude of decor settings. You want to think big.

So, instead of using it for drawer pulls or gilded candlesticks, you should use gold wall paint colors to complement and accentuate many decorative approaches. Happy painting!

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