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Gold Leaf Tray

Jae from Design O.C.D. has a love affair with trays and uses them in pretty much every room of her home. When she found a tray at the Goodwill for only $2, she of course scooped it up for her collection. Jae decided she wanted her new tray to have a flashy, metallic look and pulled it off with a gold leafing kit. Jae also offers same great suggestions to make your own tray if you aren’t fortunate enough to nab one for a bargain like she did.

DIY gold leaf tray from goodwill tray - a West Elm knock off

Jae was inspired by the Square Lacquer Wood Tray from West Elm.

Square Lacquer Wood Tray

Read more about Jae’s lovely tray at Design O.C.D.

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