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Gold Desk Organizer from Upcycled Materials

Turn any cylindrical cans, glasses or containers into a sharp looking desktop organizer.

Your pens will never be happier…and neither will you with this Anthropologie knock-off (for $45 off the catalog price!).

This one is quick and easy too, not to mention a bit fun as you collect old containers and turn them into pure gold. Read on to learn more!

Gold desk organizer containers

Project Summary

It’s hard to believe you can make a glitzy gold desk organizer just like one from Anthropologie for only $3? That’s what Katie at View from the Fridge did!

She scrounged up a glass jar and a couple of tins from around the house and Goodwill, glued them to a piece of scrap wood, let it dry, and painted it a shiny metallic gold.

There’s a good chance you might be able to make this for free if you’ve got a nice collection of containers in varying heights lying around.

You can’t beat the price for an organized desk!

anthropologie inspired gold desk organizer

Project Tips

You can absolutely change up the “metal” paint depending on the look you like. From brushed steel to bronze, anything goes here.

Also, Katie doesn’t mention this specifically (and it may be obvious), but you should apply at least your first coat before you glue the containers down to the wooden platform.

This way, you ensure an even looking finish in those tight spaces between the containers. Finish with a clear protector to avoid scratching over time.

Katie was inspired by the Codify Pencil Holder from Anthropologie.

codify pencil holder

Where to See It

Find out how to make your own at View from the Fridge.

Katie offers up a simple tutorial complete with her tips on finding a solid base (board) and the type of heavy duty glue she uses.

Along with her several coats of spray paint, Katie’s turned out great and doesn’t even tip over to her pleasant amazement!

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