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Glazed Dresser Makeover

Let’s say you have painted a piece of furniture and it looks great, but the more you look at it you realize that it needs depth. How would you achieve that look? You will want to use glaze to get the depth you are looking for. Kelly from Living in a Fixer Upper walks you through how to add glaze properly to get the look you want.

With step by step instructions and pictures, Kelly shares how to apply everything properly. Glazes come in different colors so you will want to do some research before applying. Kelly says she broke things down into small sets so that she did not have to worry about the glaze drying before she could wipe it off. The overall effect added depth and an antique finish to her project.

If you would like to try glazing furniture be sure to read through Kelly’s post and then get to work. You will be amazed by the results achieved when adding a glaze.

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