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7 Things You Need To Know Before Installing Glass Walls

Glass walls, when done right, are a great addition to any room. They let in the light while opening up the room to the outside giving the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. All this comes without compromising on any indoor conveniences.

Better still, you can install sliding glass wall systems that open up at will to let the full glory of the outside world into your house.

Regardless of which glass walls you settle for, you first have to understand the basics, know what to expect and common misconceptions to avoid when going into the project.

Here are seven crucial things about glass walls or retractable glass doors every homeowner must know.

Glass Doors Open Differently

Glass doors don’t have the same opening style. Folding glass doors fold and bunch up on one side while sliding walls slide into another solid wall or slide to overlap with more glass to one side of the wall.

You will have to choose a design depending on the room’s orientation and how much space your new wall can open to.

Exterior Walls Need Extra Protection From the Elements

Exterior glass walls will still be exposed to the elements. The frame can’t be made of easily corroded material or untreated wood.

Moreover, external glass walls need UV shielding to keep the interior of the house safe from the prying sun.

Not All Glass Has the Same Energy Efficiency Rating

Even though a retractable glass wall looks great, you still have to worry about home insulation.

Getting the best energy efficient glass walls you can afford will keep your utility bills low hence give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your new investment.

You Will Need Some Screening

While glass walls or doors are designed to create the illusion of continuity, chances are there will come a time when you will need some privacy or to keep the bright sun out.

Thinking of some form of screening or blinds as you install the wall will have you covered no matter what.

The Glass Thickness Determines Durability

Thicker glass will be more resilient. It can shrug off a couple of bangs and withstand an adult leaning against it. Thicker glass lasts longer and will also offer better protection from buglers especially if it’s an outside wall.

Be Prepared to Clean More Often

Glass walls or doors only look impressive if they are spotless clean.

You will have to invest more time or resources to cleaning your sliding glass wall than you would to a regular wall.

Aside from dust or water spots, if you’re a DIY’er your glass walls can get everything from sawdust and spray paint you’ll have to remove.

Choose the Setting Well

Glass walls only work well when installed at the right place.

For instance, a glass wall separating the dining room from the kitchen is a great idea as it is in line with current interior design trends. An external glass wall opening up to your neighbor’s perimeter fence is pointless.

Other than just thinking of the aesthetic benefits of your installation, you should also think of practicality.

Talk to a building contractor and assess the structural integrity of the house to find out whether you can install the wall without compromising your home.

Bottom Line

Glass walls will add an impressive wow factor to your home if you choose the installation well.

After that, you have to maintain the wall well. A clean and smoothly operating glass wall is more impressive that a dirty rusty one. Contact experts to get the help you need when planning your project and making the door purchase.

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