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How to Choose the Best Glass Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen?


glass cabinet doors at kitchen

Glass kitchen cabinet doors are more versatile and adaptable than you may ever think; plus, they also have a practical side.

They determine whether you go for solid cabinetry or open shelving.

Thus you can arrange everything neatly inside a unit and also have it on display at the same time.

The glass cabinet doors allow light in your kitchen space, illuminating your kitchen and allowing your ceramics and dishware shine.

Steps to choose the suitable Type of Glass Cabinet

1. You have to choose a Cabinet Door Profile

We all know that cabinet doors are the first visible design elements in the kitchen and thus having a great door style is essential in getting the best outfit for your cabinet.

You can narrow down the choices by deciding on the door profile for your kitchen cabinet.

2. You have to narrow down the Different Styles

After choosing the door profile, you can decide on the style.

In most cases, this is determined by the budget.

When you have decided on your budget and door profile to consider, the decision becomes very easy to make.

3. Be sure of the Wood Type and Color of your interest

wood type and color glass cabinet

Most people have dream cabinets in their mind.

They are already decided on the color or finish they would go for.

In case you do not know the type of wood or color that would suit your cabinet, feel free to ask your kitchen designer.

He or she will choose the best design that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

4. Also Consider Purpose and Beauty

glass cabinet door image

There are a variety of choices as far as selection of new cabinets is concerned.

Maybe you want to have drawers under the counter tops instead of shelves.

You, of course, know what you want!

After you have decided on the style, you can add more personalities like more decorations with for example textured glass doors.

5. Maximize Every Inch

Finally, you will of course want to maximize every inch. You want your kitchen to have space for efficiency.

A better place to maximize your kitchen space is essential with the help of your kitchen island.

Choosing the suitable design

Glass cabinet doors determine whether you go for solid cabinetry or open shelving.

In addition, they not only keep dust and debris but also improve showcasing of your dishware which are kept on them.

There are different designs which can suit your kitchen.

Check out the following:

Transparent Glass

transparent glass cabinet door

Transparent is best for most kitchens with different styles. You can consider plain and transparent glass.

Besides being a classic, it is a fail-safe choice. It is readily available in most shops.

Try out a single flat panel in the kitchen or try out decorative mullions.

This is a great way to improve your kitchen’s design.

Frosted Glass

Frosted is best for modern kitchens.

Frosted glass is usually blasted with sand or grit to improve its translucent qualities.

You can also have the frosted glass customized with varying designs to give it an amazing look and design.

Textured Glass to Standout from Normal

textured glass example

Texture glass is another option for the replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

The texture glass is molded or embossed to show all sorts of patterns.

This technique always makes the glass stand out from a visual and tactile point of view.

There are lots of options to choose from the texture glass.

Rain glass, for instance, is a lovely option but so is the ribbed, pebbled, grooved or beveled glass.

Add Some Old-fashioned Appeal with Seeded

Seeded is vintage chic. This glass usually has tiny bubbles which makes it amazing.

The hand-crafted look as well as the old-fashioned appeal makes seeded glass a natural fit for your kitchen.

Try out seeded glass and you won’t regret.

Leaded for Gothic Look

Leaded besides having an elegant feel, it is traditional but super perfect for kitchen.

The artisanal quality of this glass makes it appealing.

There are different designs of the leaded glass ranging from Gothic to Craftsmen.

Size and Dimensions

Size and dimension is important since it determines the amount of glassware you can store in the cabinet.

Here you will have to choose the best size and dimensions for you glass cabinet.

The perfect size for a Glass Display Cabinet is 72 by 36 inches. You can also consider cabinets with two doors.

Selecting thickness and strength

It is also important to consider the thickness and the strength of your glass cabinet.

Wonder whether such glass cabinet doors can be used to stack up like their 12 stoneware plates/bowls?

I would recommend a Glass Thickness of 5 – 7 mm.

You can stack your heavy platters and even you’re your soup plates and glasses.

Place Order

Placing order with Fab Glass and Mirror was easy for me.

I first conducted proper research before deciding to go for my glass cabinet door.

This helped me get the right product that fit my requirement.

Choosing the right door not only added style and accentuated décor of my home but also gave me a lasting security and peace of mind.

What are you waiting for?

Order your glass cabinet doors for your kitchen which is available in different styles, sizes and strengths to improve your home décor!

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