Glass Bottle Lamp

Jeannine of The Concrete Cottage has long adored, but couldn’t afford, the glass bottle lamps at Pottery Barn. No matter how deep her love affair though, she simply could never justify paying $280 for a glass bottle and a shade! She can, however, buy a large discounted bottle from Michael’s, make a faux cork to top the bottle, tear apart an old lamp for parts, and turn it all into one convincing knock off!

DIY Home Decor | Find out how to turn a large jug from the craft store into a bottle lamp just like Pottery Barn's!

Jeannine’s inspiration came from the Clift Glass Table Lamp Base from Pottery Barn.

Clift Glass Table Lamp Base

Find the tutorial at The Concrete Cottage.

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  1. hey :) i was actually getting read y to buy these oversized lamps from pottery barn.. the lamp.. no shade, is $270!!!! :( do you know if you can find the big oversized glass bottles???

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