Gift Ideas for Dad #3: Giant Outdoor Jenga Game

If you’ve been around any of my sites, you know I come from a game-loving family. So when I came across the idea for a giant Jenga game, I was instantly sold. Emma from A Beautiful Mess felt the same way after playing for the first time at a friend’s house and immediately came home to build her own set. As she says, it is a pretty easy and inexpensive project – just cut some boards, sand them smooth, and then paint them if you want to. This would be a gift that keeps giving for Dad as your family enjoys giant Jenga competitions outside all summer long!

giant jenga

Emma’s giant Jenga game is just like the Uber Games Giant Tumble Tower sold by Amazon.

giant tumble tower

Go to A Beautiful Mess to find instructions to make your own.

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  1. This Knock off is Waaaaay better. I love the colored ends so much!