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How to Get Dog or Cat Pee Out of ANY Mattress in 5 Easy Steps

how to get dog or cat urine out of a mattress

It’s common for dogs and cats to share beds with people. Sometimes, your furry loved one will help themselves to your bed whether you invited them there or not.

Sharing a bed with pets is usually no big deal – but sometimes, accidents happen. Yes, I’m talking about a pee accident on the mattress.

Whether it’s human or cat urine, this type of mess can be difficult and frustrating to clean up.

The sheets and blankets can be washed in the machine, but good luck fitting an entire mattress in there.

What should you do?

If your dog had an incident, such as peeing on your bed right in front of you, one of the first things to cross your mind might be throwing the entire mattress out.

Don’t be hasty!

There is hope for something like a mattress or even a urine stained couch, and no need to scrap it just yet. How to get cat pee out of a mattress appears tricky at first, but it is possible and not too tough.

What You’ll Needpet urine stain on top of mattress

If you’re facing this problem on your own and not hiring professionals, then you’re in luck.

Some of products for getting dog urine out of a mattress are things you’ll probably already have in your home, but others are specially designed (and required) just for this problem.

  • Baking Soda
  • Rocco & Roxie Remover for Stains and Odors (More info below)
  • A few clean cloths or sponges
  • A laundry machine
  • Laundry detergent

If you have sunny weather, that will be an added benefit to use in conjunction with the things listed here.

More on that shortly.

A Delicate Process

urine stains on mattress

Dog urine can be smelly, and even if the puddle dries, there will be a lingering and offensive smell. It’s not exactly a scent you want to sleep with night after night.

You wouldn’t let your dog sleep with you if THEY smell like urine, right?

It can also seep into the mattress, where it becomes difficult to remove entirely. A big, bulky bed isn’t easy to clean like a comforter, carpeting or even a small rug.

Move fast:

Timing is everything when you have a urine accident on your mattress – the sooner you can act, the better the outcome.

So, if you’re dealing with a stain you’ve discovered hours after it happened, it will be more difficult to remove.

Why not use a “pet stain cleaner”?

It’s true that many products on the market are ideal for getting rid of stains and urine smells on carpets. But they won’t work as well on a mattress.

Beds are thicker than carpeting, and the urine will penetrate much deeper. A carpet cleaner just won’t cut it on a thick surface.

In addition, the chemicals in carpet sprays aren’t something you’ll want to spray where you sleep.

As opposed to enzyme-based dog urine odor removers, these other types of cleaners usually come with a harsh smell, which might be bothersome to pets and some people.

Using basic ingredients like baking soda as your first step are not only safer; they’re more effective on a mattress. They will help neutralize smells as opposed to masking them.

Why does that matter?

Obviously, you don’t want to sleep with a urine smell under you, but if your dog can still smell it, they might be attracted to the area because they “marked their territory.”

Follow These Steps to Get Dog or Cat Pee Out of a Mattress

using enzymatic cleaner for cat urine on mattress

Now, onto the step-by-step method for removing the smell and stain.

Remember, time is of the essence, the sooner you can clean your bed, the better the results will be.

1. Rescue the Linens

The first step is to strip the bed of anything removable. These are easier to clean, and not so urgent to deal with.

Putting them and running your washing machine on a warm water cycle is the best way to clean the sheets. You can use your usual detergent, or add a cup of vinegar to the wash.

2. Soak Up as Much as Possible

Use paper towels or old rags to blot up as much urine as you can before applying any cleaning substances.

Dab and push directly down rather than wipe – you’ll get more soaked up this way, without spreading it to a broader area.

Be patient:

This step can take a while, and you might be surprised how much you’re able to soak up. Continue until your towels or rags aren’t wet when you press down on the spot(s).

3. Sprinkle Baking Soda

You can be quite liberal with the baking soda. This will help absorb liquids and smells that you couldn’t soak up with rags.

Leave it on the soiled area(s) for 5-10 minutes. You might notice the baking soda has taken on a yellowish color. This means it’s soaking up urine that is still present in the mattress.

Now, it’s time to bust out the vacuum. Sweep up the baking soda, and coat the spot with another layer.

Why repeat the process?

As long as there is even the slightest yellow tinge to the baking soda, it means it’s absorbing urine.

Sometimes, it only takes a few times before the baking soda stops drawing urine from the mattress.

For bigger stains, you might have to do it multiple times before you’re ready to move on to the next step.

4. Locked and Loaded – The Spray Bottle

The best product to spray the odor out of your mattress and other upholstery is: Rocco & Roxie Urine Remover for Stains and Odors.

Best urine remover for mattresses

It contains natural enzymes so it is safe for your pet and mattress materials, including down, latex rubber, memory foam, wool, cotton and polyester.

The first step is to blot the stain and then spray the product and let it rest for up to three minutes. The longer you let the spray soak, the better, so feel free to let it marinate!

The Rocco & Roxie spray will help get rid of any yellow stains.

This mixture will soak into the mattress.

There is no rinse phase to this method because there is a minimal amount of detergent, all you have to do is blot the spot with a clean towel.

Instead, you’re using the power of an enzymatic cleaner.

It will act as a cleaner and help neutralize the scent without needing to be rinsed out.

5. Let It Dry

If you can move your mattress outdoors in the sun for this step, all the better.

Allowing the mattress to get plenty of air will help get rid of smells, and placing it in the sun will help things dry out faster.

If you’re drying indoors, it can take an entire day.

Out in the sun can still take several hours. Either way, you’ll want to check on it occasionally.

Feeling the spot and pressing down gently is the best way to determine if it’s dried completely.

Once it’s dry, you’ll have some residue left behind from the spray mixture.

Time to get out the vacuum again, and give the spot a last once-over. There should be no signs of the stain.

Preventing Another Accident

Now that you’ve been through the process of cleaning up pet urine from a mattress, you’re probably thinking one thing: let’s never do that again!

Your pet’s moment of weakness on your mattress could have been due to several factors, so identifying why they did it will help avoid it from recurring.

So ask yourself – have to go too long without a bathroom break? Animals can only hold it so long!

Are they elderly or suffering from a condition that causes frequent urination?

Is something else wrong, and your pup is refusing to go pee outside?

Are they male, unneutered, and marking territory in the house?

A pet peeing on your mattress is no small offense, and it might be time for some tough love.

Before this though, check for any other abnormal signs when it comes to their “number ones.”

For example, do you notice that their pee is darker in color?

dog had accident on mattress pad

If all seems normal, going the punishing route after the fact isn’t going to help.

If they’re not fully house trained, it’s time to tighten up some privileges until they can be trusted with things like your bed and vulnerable mattress.

A puppy or dog who hasn’t learned not to pee inside yet is not going to discriminate where they pee. Everything is in danger – your bed, your floors, your couch.

I know cuddling and sharing your home with your furry pets is one of the best parts of having one, and it’s no fun for anyone if they can’t follow you around everywhere.

However, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you restrict certain areas until the time comes that they can be left unsupervised.

Crate training is an excellent tool that can be used in conjunction with consistent house training. This is where your young pet should stay when they can’t be watched like a hawk.

When you’re sleeping, out for a couple of hours, or otherwise occupied, the crate is the best place for them – and your mattress.

The catch?

Puppies need to use the bathroom as frequently as every two hours.

Crates will only help overnight or for long stretches during the day if someone can let them out frequently to pee.

Adult dogs in the process house training can hold themselves longer. Since the crate should come to be their safe haven, they will avoid taking care of business in it.

In each case, the crate is where they should stay while they’re learning not to urinate indoors.

What about Dogs and Cats with Incontinence?

A crate won’t help much if they cannot control their bladder. In this scenario, using dog-specific diapers and a special wrap like a Dog Wrap can help prevent accidents.

If the incontinence is a recent or abrupt development, I advise you to make an appointment with the vet to find out why.

Your dog or cat may be leaking while lying down on your mattress or creating pee stains and smells on surfaces like concrete and carpet to sofas and outdoor rugs, which is definitely not good for your sanity!

And for Your Mattress?

cleaned mattress example

A mattress protector can help save you the anxiety of dealing with a future urine stain. You don’t have to buy an old-school plastic one that makes a lot of noise, either.

These days, there mattress protectors that are designed to repel liquid, stains, and smells while keeping you comfortable.

Our favorite mattress protector is the SafeRest Queen Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector. A good investment!

Additional Products to Consider

There are a few other things you can try to remove stubborn or large stains.

Remember that time is of the essence when it comes to removing stains.

A fully dried stain can be removed, but it’s more challenging and might require repeating the steps several times.

Keep in mind that a mattress is a surface you and other pets sleep on, so avoid toxic chemicals.

When buying a product designed to remove urine, focus on ones labeled “pet/kid-safe,” and “non-toxic.”

Our picks?

BUBBAS Super-Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

This cleaner is specifically designed to destroy the enzymes in pet urine, which cause smells. It’s best used on carpet, but it can work on furniture and mattresses.

It works on urine, fecal, and vomit stains, so it’s good to keep around if you have a pet.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator for Dog and Cat Urine

If you’re looking for a spray that doesn’t just cover odor but eliminates it, this is the product for you.

Natural orange peels and oils make for a formidable opponent against ammonia scents – without being hazardous to your health.

Can Urine Stains on Your Mattress Be Unhealthy?

Ammonia in dog and cat urine can pose some health risks – particularly for those who have respiratory issues.

Asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions can be aggravated by breathing in urine fumes. Even healthy individuals can experience irritation from prolonged exposure to dog urine.

Forget trying to sleep with it – a urine scent on your mattress or in your bedroom will become unbearable.

And the smells can migrate into other places and damage wood furniture, possibly stain your clothes, and even the walls.

Aside from being grossed out about it, you’ll want to evict any stains for the sake of everyone’s health.

The cleaning method in this article can be used on carpet and other furniture like couches as well. It works to absorb the stain, rather than cover it up.

Sometimes there are large accidents or multiple ones. It can be helpful to use more than one method to remove the stain in its entirety.

If you are interested in a DIY method without using chemicals, you can try vinegar and baking soda, but specially designed products like the Rocco & Roxie spray or Bubba’s Super Strength enzyme cleaner will save you a lot of time and smelly nights.


Do These Methods Work on Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam can be harder to work with, and it’s important to refer to the manufacturer before using any harsh chemicals on them.

Pet beds are also frequently designed with memory foam.

The products listed above, however, are generally safe on most memory foam.

In the case of a memory foam dog bed, it is recommended to wash the entire thing if possible.

However, if a memory foam pet bed states that it should be spot-cleaned only, then leaving it out in the sun after cleaning with these products is recommended.

Do Any of These Methods Work on Old Stains?

Yes! Generally, old stains can be removed. You might need to repeat the process a few times, but you can restore a mattress with even years-old stains.

What is the Safest Way to Remove Stains?

As long as the cleaners you buy are labeled non-toxic and pet safe, then using them shouldn’t pose any health risks.

Things like industrial cleaners and bleach are not recommended – they are less effective and could pose health risks.

Will My Dog Go Back to the Scene of the Crime, and Pee Again?

Dogs that are not adequately house trained can be attracted back to old stains. This is why it’s important to get rid of as soon as possible.

Remember, dogs can smell much better than we can, so because you don’t smell anything, it doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t smell anything.

This is why absorbing the odors rather than covering them is important.

Don’t Ditch the Mattress Yet

A dog urine stain on the bed might seem like the end of the world, but it’s not. Whether it’s brand new or still has some life left in it, you understandably don’t want to toss it out over one accident.

Getting it thoroughly clean is important. Aside from urine being an irritant, who wants to sleep in a bed with dog pee? That’s right – no one.

Cleaning a mattress might seem impossible, but there are some simple methods that are quite effective.

Don’t forget about addressing why it happened in the first place. It usually takes one accident for a pet parent to learn that they never want to have to clean pee from a mattress again.

It’s certainly no reason to throw your mattress out if one accident happens, but avoiding it in the future is the best solution for everyone involved.

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