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Geometric Faceted Side Table

Shara from Chasing a Dream loves rustic country décor but also has a soft spot for modern geometric design.

Her love of math and the challenge of figuring out angles had Shara on Pinterest searching for geometric tables.

Shara found an inspiration piece from Urban Outfitters that retailed for almost $300 and was able to replicate it for only about $25 in lumber.

She says, “I love the mix of modern, geometric, and a little bit rustic at the same time.” What do you think? Are you a fan of geometric design?

DIY Furniture ~ Urban Outfitters Inspired Geometric Table for $25

Shara was inspired by the Faceted Woodblock Side Table that is no longer available at Urban Outfitters.

Faceted Woodblock Side Table from Urban Outfitters

Shara walks you through the build step by step at Chasing a Dream.

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