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10 Garage Must-Haves When You Want to Have a Well Functioning Garage

Electric tools for construction on the stand in the shop

A garage is more than just a place to park a car. It’s also the place where projects are carried out, where what’s broken is fixed, and where what doesn’t yet exist is eventually created.

As such, any garage worth its salt possesses a variety of necessities. Curious as to what these necessities are? Then read on.

We’re going to discuss 10 garage must haves below.

1. A Jack

red jack lifting car

If you want to save money, you have to learn how to repair and maintain your automobiles on your own.

And if you want to fix and maintain your cars on your own, you have to keep a jack in your garage.

A quality jack will keep your vehicle propped up while you’re working under it, ensuring your safety and the safety of your automobile.

Note, jacks come with a range of different capacities.

So, before purchasing one, make sure that it can handle your biggest vehicle.

2. A Toolbox

Whether you’re assembling something that you bought, making a piece of furniture from scratch, or attempting to carry out a much-needed repair, it’s imperative that you keep a toolbox handy in your garage.

This toolbox should contain a variety of entities, including screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, a hammer, a measuring tape, and much, much more.

You can either build your toolbox piece by piece or buy a pre-stocked toolbox from an online retailer or local store.

Manufacture products in your garage?

If so, you should consider using a conceptual toolbox as well.

This will help you to manage your workflow, allowing for optimal accuracy and efficiency at all times.

3. An Arsenal of Power Tools

power tools

Not only do you need manual work tools but power tools as well.

Your exact needs will vary based on the types of tasks that you wish to perform.

That said, there are some power tools that every garage should contain.

The basics include drills, saws, a sander, an air compressor, and a wood router.

Other power tools to consider include jointers, nail guns, grinders, and wall chasers.

In the end, the bigger your arsenal is, the more prepared you’ll be to handle unique home repair responsibilities.

4. Yard Equipment

Yard care is key to home maintenance. As such, your garage should store a variety of yard equipment.

The key pieces of equipment are lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and weed-whackers.

However, depending on the circumstances, you might also need a snow blower, a chainsaw, a tree trimmer, an aerator, and a wheelbarrow.

5. First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Another entity that you must keep in your garage is a first aid kit.

After all, you never know when you might cut yourself or slip and fall. A first aid kit can be used to patch you up quickly.

Your first aid kit should contain a variety of supplies, including but not limited to Band-Aids, gauze, tweezers, safety pins, medical gloves, and rubbing alcohol.

You can either buy a pre-packaged first aid kit online or piece one together yourself with products that you buy from local stores.

6. Cleaning Supplies

Like your home, your garage is bound to get dirty from time to time.

Not only will it need to be vacuumed but dusted and scrubbed down as well.

For this reason, you should keep a variety of cleaning supplies in your garage at all times.

Cleaning supplies that you’ll need include window cleaner, bleach, detergent, mops, brooms, buckets, and towels.

You might also want to keep a cleaning solution like Pinesol handy.

It’s also wise to keep car cleaning products on hand. These include soap, wax, and a car vacuum, to name just a few.

7. Workbench

tools on garage wall and workbench

If you’re going to be working on projects in your garage, you would be wise to stock it with a workbench.

Workbenches can be used for projects of all kinds, from carpentry projects to automotive projects to gardening projects and more.

There are all types of workbenches available. They run the gamut from bare-bones to flashy and everything in between.

Regardless of your needs, there is sure to be a workbench available that accommodates you.

8. A Fire Extinguisher

Maybe you like to weld? Maybe you spend a lot of time working on cars? Perhaps you just like to take precautions?

In any case, it’s wise to keep a fire extinguisher in your garage.

By keeping an extinguisher handy, you can put out fires almost as soon as they appear, preventing them from spreading and preserving your garage (and your safety) over the long-run.

9. Ample Lighting

So many garages lack good lighting. As such, they end up feeling more like shabby shacks than like proper workspaces.

The truth of the matter is that, if you want to use your garage to carry out projects, you’re going to need to equip it with ample lighting.

Proper lighting will not only add visibility to your garage but a pleasant atmosphere as well.

There are all kinds of lighting you can implement.

That said, LED lights tend to work best.

There are all sorts of options available online and at home improvement stores.

10. Storage

plastic boxes at garage

You’re going to need somewhere to put all of this stuff. And you don’t just want to shove it into a corner.

For this reason, you’re going to want to invest in storage entities of some kind.

Whether it be storage chests, cabinets, shelves, or otherwise, make sure that you have plenty of storage available in your garage.

Legitimize Your Garage By Investing in These Garage Must Haves

Without these garage must haves, a garage is little more than a storage shed.

As such, if you’re looking to legitimize your garage, you must invest in the products reviewed above.

Looking for other such products? We can help you find them. Check out our other product guides now!

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