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Funky Decorative Beetle Plates

Risa from Restless Risa loved the look of Anthropologie’s unique dishware, especially the ones that had an organic feel with beetles and flowers growing all around. Not wanting to spend a small fortune on dishware that was sure to go out of style soon, Risa headed to the thrift store to score some cool plates. Some were totally plain and others had fun floral decorations. She printed off some images of bugs and beetles onto decal paper and secured them to the plates. Before she knew it she had a fun set of decorative plates to display on her wall or to use as trinket dishes!

How fun is this plate Risa made?


This is her Anthropologie inspiration, retailing for $45 each!


Head over to Restless Risa to see the full DIY and to take a peek at all her beautiful plates!

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