Fun and Festive Felt Garland for All Occasions

I love creating things out of felt. It’s crazy cheap, comes in an array of colors, and with a dose of creativity can become something beautiful. Kym from Cobberson + Company created a colorful and festive garland by simply cutting strips of felt, tying them into little bows, and stringing them onto fishing line. It was a project that came in at less than $10 and is fun to pull out throughout the year for birthdays and other events. As Kym suggests, you could even customize the colors for specific holidays, like a red and pink garland for Valentine’s Day.

colorful felt garland

Kym was inspired by the Felted Bows Garland that is no longer available from Anthropologie.

felted bows garland

Get the full tutorial at Cobberson + Company.

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  1. Super cute! I love crafts that are so customizable. Another thing I like about felt is that it can be packed away easily, and looks great again when you unpack it the next time — no worrying about something being smashed or torn.

  2. Hi Beckie!

    Thanks so much for the mention! It was a super fun project- I’m so glad you enjoyed it :)