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Tutorial On Creating A French Mattress Cushion

In the old days, the French created their mattresses with elegant details such as buttonless tufts and large edge welting. Sarah from gives us a tutorial for us to create our own cushions in the French mattress style.

Sarah provides a complete supply list with tips on where to purchase some hard to find items. Her step-by-step instructions are clearly written with a number of close-up photographs to help illustrate her directions. The most difficult part of this project is stitching the welting and the buttonless tufting. These important steps are the design elements that elevate the project from every day to new heights in refinement. For these steps, Sarah has a large number of close-ups which are well done and clearly show how to achieve the look of the French mattress.

The extra hints and tips Sarah provide help to make these French mattress cushions doable and real works of art that will grace your home for many years.

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