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Large French Clock

Desiree from Camelot Art Creations made this 3-foot clock using a pallet she pulled from a dumpster. Talk about resourceful! After a bit of painting and distressing, she added barn hinges for the clock hands. Best of all, this big ol’ clock cost Desiree only $3.78 to make!

French Pallet Clock

Desiree’s original inspiration came from the 5-Foot French Tower Clock from Restoration Hardware which retails for $1,495.00.

5 Foot French Tower Clock

Head to Camelot Art Creations for the full tutorial.

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Hannah lindsey

Monday 14th of October 2013

How did you get the hands to work? Or do they work maybe just for decoration?(:


Monday 14th of October 2013

You would have to check with Desiree to be sure, but I would say they are just decoration. :)

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