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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost on Average?

good condition house foundation

Did you know that foundation problems can affect the moisture level in your basement? Consider talking with a professional today to get your foundation fixed.

Are you wondering how much does a foundation repair cost? No to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over the cost to fix foundations.

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Sinking Foundation?

If your home’s foundation is sinking, you could have to pay a sum between $500-$3,000. The job entails leveling your foundation and identifying any leaks.

Professionals will raise the foundation to its original height. Then, they will place piers beneath the foundation. To do this, the workers will have to dig deep beneath the foundation and use the piers to balance your home.

The cost depends on the structure of your home and how much the workers have to raise your foundation. Raising a house with a basement will cost different compared to a house with a crawlspace.

Next, the cost will get affected by how much of the house will need lifting. Some homes only need to get lifted in one corner, costing less.

When you do look to hire someone for this job, find out how they will complete the task.

Will they use piers and find out what kind they plan to use. If your workers do plan to use jacks, how will they stabilize the foundation?

Is there a warranty included, and will they come back in a few years to check the problem? Knowing the answers to your questions will help you pick a professional you can trust.

Cost to Repair a Foundation Crack

Most of the time, a minor crack will cost you $200-$300 dollars, while a bigger crack could cost almost 1000 dollars.

Foundation cracks occur when there’s too much pressure on the foundation, or it has started to sink.

Small cracks won’t cause structural damage, but bigger ones can. You will want to get a bigger crack repaired right away.

Learning more about the causes behind a cracked foundation can help you when you go to talk to a professional.

Repair Cost for a Leaking Foundation

Did you find out that there’s a leak in your foundation? The cost of repairs will range from a few thousand dollars. Leaks often get caused by weak drainage around the home.

When a professional repairs your leaking foundation, they will also waterproof the foundation. Waterproofing will make sure the moisture won’t settle into the structure.

Workers will also dig around your foundation and install tile drains. After the tiles get installed, the cracks causing the leaks will get filled.

Now You Know More About a Foundation Repair Cost

We hope this guide on a house foundation repair was helpful. Work with a reputable company that outlines the foundation repair cost upfront.

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