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7 Beautiful Flower Pot Ideas for Your Home or Garden

flower pot decor

Adding some extra plant life to your home or garden is a great way to boost the look of your property. Plants also remove carbon dioxide from the air and generate clean oxygen. They’re a great friend to the environment!

If you don’t have the rolling yard of your dreams, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to turn your hard, patio, or windowsill into a natural oasis.

All you need are some of your favorite plants and some gorgeous flower pots!

Read on for our 7 favorite flower pot ideas and get planting!

1. Go Big and Small

The most visually attractive gardens bring a variety of textures and colors. Although you may have limited room, you can still achieve this variety by contrasting large flower plants with small plants.

Purchase two medium or large flower pots and fill them with your most bodacious flowers and plants. Place them in the rear of what will become your flower pot display. Now, fill in any open space beside or in front of the largest flower pots with smaller pots.

2. Mix It Up

Another way to achieve variety and contrast is to fill a few large pots with a variety of different plants. This can get a little tricky, and you’ll need some serious know-how.

Each plant will need enough room for its roots to spread in the pot.

Start with a tall plant and make sure the roots have at least three inches for growth in each direction. Next, add your broad plants in a ring around the tall plant. Finally, finish with vining or trailing plants on the outermost edge so that they grow over the side and don’t strangle the others.

Some plants make better neighbors than others.

Make sure that when you combine plants in one planter, they are plants that grow well under similar conditions. For example, geraniums and dahlias both love sunlight and make great neighbors. Hostas need more shade and wouldn’t pair well with either geraniums or dahlias.

If you need help, ask the experts at your local nursery! They’re a wealth of knowledge!

3. Go Vertical

pots hanging on ladder

If you don’t have room to spread your flower pots out horizontally, try going vertical!

You can use a vintage ladder or old shelving unit to accomplish this look. Alternatively, you can invest in a few hanging flower pots and hang them from your ceiling, curtain rod, or porch covering.

When using a vertical structure outside, make sure that it is fairly wind-resistant. Put your heaviest flower pots on the lower half of the structure so that it’s grounded, rather than top-heavy.

4. Dress up Cheap Flower Pots

Some of the nicest and most visually stunning flower pots can get pretty pricey. However, with a little DIY magic, you can transform a cheap terracotta pot easily!

Both spray paint and acrylic paint take well to clay and terracotta. If you want to put your DIY pots outside, you may want to invest in a weather-proof finish.

Use painter’s tape or stencils to paint bold, geometric designs. Combine neutral tones to get the Scandinavian look or pair black with gold for some art deco flair. You can even add jewels and glass pieces to create that timeless mosaic look.

5. Think Outside the Pot

flower in boots

Did you know that not every flower pot idea has to involve an actual pot? Some of the cutest ideas we’ve seen involve DIY planters crafted from basic household items!

For example, use a hanging fabric shoe rack to plant a vertical herb or succulent garden. Insulate the compartments with cheesecloth or another durable, breathable material. Fill each one with soil, plant your seeds, and wait for the magic to happen!

You can also use birdbaths, wheelbarrows, wooden crates, and more. Before you head to the store to pick up some new flower pots, poke around your storage closet and see what you’ve got lying around!

6. Decorate With More Than Plants

If you’re a bit worried about your green thumb (or lack thereof), incorporate some non-living items into your flower pots. That way, you still get the gorgeous look of a garden and won’t have as many plants to replace in the long run.

Fairy gardens are a huge hit, especially with the little ones. Miniature ceramic houses, trees, mushrooms, and, of course, fairies, will liven up any sparse flower pot. You can also add battery-operated candles to give your garden some extra illumination after sunset.

7. Use the Right Potting Mix

Whether you’re an expert grower or a novice, your potted plants are only as strong as their potting mix. Because their growing environment is contained, they need soil that contains tons of rich nutrients to feed on.

All good potting mix should contain perlite, also known as “volcanic popcorn.”

What is perlite? In short, it’s a natural substance that holds oxygen in your soil and gives water more space to drain. Follow the link for more information on this handy gardening tool!

Do You Have More Flower Pot Ideas?

If you’ve tried our flower pot ideas and love them or have some more of your own to add, let us know!

Contact us with your feedback or questions and bookmark our page for more helpful household tips.

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