Floor Pouf from Rugs

Poufs offer a great option for extra seating. Not only are they soft and comfy on the tush, but they can easily be set aside when not needed. Always in need of extra chairs for get-togethers, Erika from Retropolitan set out to create her own poufs. When her fabric search came up dry, Erika came upon a fabulous substitute – $3 floor mats from IKEA. Erika sewed pieces from three mats for each pouf, and guarantees your only need “mediocre sewing skills”to make your own!

diy pouf from ikea rugs

Erika was inspired by the poufs from West Elm.

west elm floor poufs

Go to Retropolitan for the detailed tutorial.

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  1. where did you find 3 IKEA floor mats? I’ve loked on their website & don’t see anything like these. They are so pretty!

  2. I had never thought of a ‘pouf’ – this is eye opening, thank you! I really needed some new seating options for around the house

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