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First Class Floating Shelves

Floating shelves look great in modern settings and are a great way to display your favored items. Stacy from Not Just a Housewife shares her idea for adding floating shelves in a bathroom.

There are several ways to make floating shelves and Stacy constructs hers to attach directly to the brackets. In other methods, the shelves slide off and on for storage. She explains how she stains and finishes the shelves. The use of wood putty covers the holes where she attached the shelf to the base. Wood putty comes in different colors and Stacy advises that we choose a color that matches our stain.


Once everything is dry you can hang the shelves. Stacy also mentions that she stained everything first because she did not want to get the stain on the wallpaper. Staining prior to hanging anything up is easier. Once your shelves are complete add your favorite accessories and enjoy !!

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