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Fine Workmanship Firewood Floating Shelf

A rustic home decor features warm woods, bear rug throws, and plaids. Typical floating shelves have a place inside them to store items. Although these firewood floating shelves from Brad at Fix This Build That do not have internal storage, they are beautifully made and will add to your rustic decor.

Brad cut his shelves from a beautiful maple log. He shows how he cut down the log on his saw and removed the bark. To prevent the logs from decaying quickly, he added varnished, which gave them a nice sheen. This project requires some power tools and knowledge on how to use them. If you do not have the tools ask a woodworking friend if they would help you with cutting the logs and adding the mounting hardware. Be sure to attach the wall mount to the studs to keep the logs from falling onto the ground. Brad shows again his fine workmanship in making these firewood floating shelves. Great job Brad.

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