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Festive Tree Craft Decor

Looking to add holiday primitive designs to your home decor? These festive trees will add a unique Nordic style to your holiday events. Larissa from Prodigal Pieces shares with us her project using pine boards and a heat gun. She includes a list of materials and step by step instructions to help you complete the project.

You will need a jigsaw, sander, and heat gun to complete the project. In order to get the shapes onto the pine board, Larissa draws the design with a pencil and then fills it in with ammonium chloride. Once she applies heat, the design turns brown on the pine board. A word of caution when using a heat gun. The 800-degree temperature can cause severe burns to fingers if they happen to get in the way of the tip. Also, remember the tip is hot when you place it down on your surface.

A piece of ceramic tile will help prevent damage to the surface. This is a fun and fast project for your rustic decor.

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