Felt Leaf Tree Skirt

Remember that pretty felt wreath pillow from yesterday? Well, Jody from Homey Home Design loved it so much she decided to whip up a matching tree skirt this year. Jody sewed a simple tree skirt and then added her felt leaves and pom poms with fabric glue. If just the thought of making your own tree skirt wears you out, Jody encourages that it was much simpler and took less time than expected. Maybe she’ll add stockings to the collection next year!

felt leaf tree skirt

The original inspiration came from the Jeweled Wreath Embroidered Pillow from Pottery Barn.

pottery barn jeweled wreath embroidered pillow

Go to Homey Home Design for the full tutorial.


  1. Very cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing my tree skirt! I actually did a tree garland for the tree and my mantel that used the same leaves and poms.
    I am so thrilled that you like it! Thanks again!!!!!