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Add Some Color Faux Roman Shade

Roman shades in a home create a polished timeless look to windows, but they can be costly to purchase and difficult to install. Corey at heytherehome has devised a way to make a faux Roman shade to grace your window and add a splash of color to any room.


Because this is a faux shade, it isn’t functional and doesn’t go up and down, but it beautifully hides the hardware that was used to install the blinds behind the shade. Corey gives us a complete list of supplies for this project as well as instructions for measuring and sewing the shade. Her step-by-step explanation and detailed pictures for constructing the shade make this window treatment a project anyone can tackle. Besides instruction on sewing the shade and attaching the lining, Corey also provides complete details on how to hang the shade so it lays smooth and flat.


This beautiful treatment will be a finishing touch to any room while also hiding the unsightly hardware from the blinds behind it.

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