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Dollar Store Pumpkins with a Pricey Pewter Finish

Morena of Morena’s Corner is spot-on when she says metallics are everywhere in the design world right now. Yesterdays bright orange pumpkins are now being seen in shimmering mercury glass and silvery pewters. Morena shares how you can use spray paint and acrylic paint to transform dollar store pumpkins into pewter look-a-likes. Her technique could be used on any little knick-knack you find at the dollar store or thrift store to give it a more high end look.

faux pewter pumpkins

Morena’s pumpkins are similar to the Pewter Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Set from Maze Home.

pewter pumpkin salt and pepper shaker

Check out Morena’s tutorial at Morena’s Corner.

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Rachel of OddModicum

Saturday 12th of October 2013

OOh, LOVE this one! Gotta dig going from dimestore to boutique in a few steps (especially as my budget only runs to the dimestore variety, and I try to keep the stuff I sell affordable.). Thanks SO much for the share!! Really does look like heavy pewter!

Hugs & Hope, rachel of OddModicum

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