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Faux Fur Wine Bag {Handmade Christmas Gift #3}

Nikki from Tikkido already has December schedule packed full with holiday parties. Wine is her go-to hostess gift, and this year she couldn’t be more excited to show up at her friends’ doors with wine bottles dressed in luxurious faux fur bags!

Nikkie says she fell in love with Restoration Hardware’s faux fur wine bags as soon as she saw them.

Although the price wasn’t completely unreasonable, Nikki happened to have a whole bunch of extra fake fur fabric shoved in her office closet and decided to try whipping up her own. Success!

Now, Nikki is ready for the onslaught of Christmas parties!”

Faux Fur Wine Bag Gift

Nikki was inspired by Restoration Hardware’s Luxe Faux Fur Wine Bag.

Learn how to make your own wine bags at Tikkido.

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