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Faux Capiz Rectangular Chandelier

Kelli from A Happy Place Called Home unloaded a whole lot of brainpower designing and creating a faux capiz chandelier. To get the look of capiz, Kelli ironed together layers of wax paper and then created hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of strands using jewelry clasps. While this was tedious indeed, things got tricky when it came time to figure out how to create the actual fixture. Kelli called in hubs for reinforcement, and together they designed a plan that resulted in this gorgeous chandelier!

Faux Capiz Chandelier

Kelli was inspired by the Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant from West Elm.

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant

Go to A Happy Place Called Home for the detailed tutorial.

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Sunday 2nd of October 2011

What an unbelievable job she did. My wife has been dying for that lamp for so long. I guess I can make her one now

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