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Farmhouse Paint Colors: The Anchor of Your Home’s Country Vibe

farmhouse paint colors hdr

Farmhouse interior design has definitely established itself as the new cool in recent years.

Thanks to the famous HGTV show, Fixer Upper many of us have been super inspired by the modern Farmhouse vibe.

Even though the show ended a few years ago, people are still inspired to incorporate a touch of farmhouse in their home.

And one big component of this style is paint color!

So, why did the farmhouse look gain a ton of attention and become so awe-inspiring?

It’s mainly due to the rich history that this style links to! (Yep, that easy-going countryside feel that harkens back to simpler times).

farmhouse kitchen colors

So, are you too intrigued by this style and looking to incorporate in your home?

Well, it all starts with the paint colors.

Generally, the farmhouse style is heavily based on specific shades of neutrals like gray, white, beige, and greige. 

However, sometimes, even pops of blue, green, and reds can add a chic and dynamic, farmhouse look.

Mainly, the whole idea of a farmhouse backdrop is to create a cozy, comfortable, and welcoming aura – and believe it or not, these colors can truly do wonders.

So, are you excited to dive deeper into the Farmhouse paint colors? And probably choose one for your home? 

Let’s dig deeper into these color and then cover some of the most popular as well as some you might not have thought of before.

What Makes a Paint Color Farmhouse Anyway?

modern farmhouse foyer colors

This is an interesting question…

After all, we don’t have associated paint colors for bohemian, modern, or contemporary styles.

Well, it’s all about creating a sense of warmth, comfort, and welcomeness in the room.

Think about the old country, where family, friends and neighbors bonded together as they worked hard and played hard, living off the land.

Generally, farmhouse paint colors are neither too dark nor too bright – rather, a perfect blend of soothing, softness, and tranquility.

They could either be warm whites, warm grays, greiges, or cool whites with a soft base.

That doesn’t mean more bold accents of greens and blues can’t hop in and set things off in our modern twist on the old style.

On the other hand, it’s not a given that you only choose a warm-toned palette.

Sometimes, even a blend of cool grays can add a Fixer Upper-like look!

Lastly, try to avoid too bright tones like burnt umber, mustard, and bold red in your farmhouse space!

In-Depth Paint Color Guide – How to Achieve a Farmhouse Look?

warm farmhouse colors in dining room

You must pay attention to every corner of your Farmhouse-style home when trying to achieve the look.

Again, it all begins with the paint color you choose.

Whether it’s the kitchen cabinets, trims, moldings, baseboards, shiplap, wainscotting, or bedroom walls – every inch of your home must speak Farmhouse out loud.

Also, one of the best parts about Farmhouse paint colors is that they offer a ton of versatility and timelessness.

Even years later down the line, you won’t get that sense that you need to repaint soon because of trends, nor will you grow tired of this spectrum.

What’s more?

From Farmhouse design, these paint colors also play a major role in other interior design styles like modern, transitional, French Country, traditional, and contemporary.

farmhouse wall decor examples

Yes, these muted hues are devoid of “big” color – and that’s why they tend to play one for all.

So, right when you start to design – the number one step is to determine the vibe or temperature you’re aiming for.

Generally, you could either choose from a cool or a warm palette. If the extremes scare you, just blend and balance them.

Just in case you admire a warm vibe – pick paint colors like beiges, warm white, lighter taupe, and greiges considering the existing floors, countertops, and other architectural features.

(Undertones are primarily red, cream, and yellow)

On the other hand, for a cool vibe, pick shades of neutral blues, cool white, and greens to achieve a refreshing, farmhouse look. 

All the while, never hold back from incorporating ample rustic woods (mostly medium and dark-toned) in your farmhouse-style home.

Generally, farmhouse exteriors and kitchens are the most talked about. And that’s why next we’ll dive into these two areas next!

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

farmhouse kitchen shiplap and cabinet colors

The farmhouse kitchen is defined by utmost simplicity and timelessness. 

Let’s think about rustic finishes, crisp whites, open floating shelves, exposed beams, and an apron-front sink.

When talking about the color palette, it’s important to note the supporting elements that the paint will really set off!

For a light, airy, whimsical, and natural feel – an all-white kitchen with rustic wood finishes is something to look forward to.

Plus, this palette also works for a small-sized kitchen!

On the other hand, if an all-white kitchen is too sterile or doesn’t move you – infuse a touch of pastel blue or sage green as an accent.

(This could be on the lower cabinets or the kitchen table)

In your farmhouse kitchen, focus on choosing a neutral paint color for cabinets (uppers and lowers), backdrop wall, ceiling, door and window frame, and kitchen table.

Another essential feature of a farmhouse kitchen is the hardwood floors.

Generally, walnut and ebony finish play a great role and will no doubt stop guests in their tracks. 

But in some cases, you could even pick from lighter pine finishes.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Benjamin Moore White Dove can truly play warm and creamy on the cabinets in your farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse Exterior Design

exterior farmhouse dark paint color

Modern Farmhouse Plan 22588DR from Architectural Designs

Farmhouse exteriors should mainly be dominated by a neutral color palette.

Well, there are a number of factors to consider! 

Commencing from the color of the shiplap to baseboards, trims, moldings, roof, wainscotting, columns, porches, and door and window frames.

Let an off-white paint color like Sherwin Williams Natural Choice or Shoji White play a dominant on the walls, porch, and columns.

You can further dominate the palette with the help of dark gray paint color on the shutters, door, and window frames. (Add this specific shade to the roof as well)

Lastly, it’s important to choose a white neutral for the trims, moldings, and special architectural features. 

This will further protrude the true hue of the exterior walls, roof, and shutters! 

Generally, an all-white theme looks flawless but also a combination of white and gray or white and blue could be considered. (If contrast is your thing)

Don’t worry – I’ll list out a set of farmhouse colors that you could consider for your home. 

10 Best Farmhouse Paint Colors

Farmhouse style color palette is mostly grounded in muted hues and neutrals.

And Sherwin Williams has curated a list of the best farmhouse paint colors that you could choose from.

So, let’s have a look at these 10 best paints (warm and cool) that you just gotta consider! 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

SW alabaster single paint chip 2

This is my absolute favorite!

The warm and creamy look of this off-white is bound to exhibit a chic farmhouse style.

You can choose to paint the kitchen cabinets, bedroom and living room walls, and other exterior walls in this paint color. (Even interior as well exterior trim)

Trust me, this is one of the coziest white paints and can totally mimic the look of Fixer Upper!

Sometimes, you can detect a slight yellow undertone in the south or west-facing rooms – so beware!

Moreover, it’s always a better idea to pair this creamy paint color with wooden textures like walnut and hickory. 

This paint color has an LRV of 82 – thus, making your farmhouse backdrop appear lighter and airier.

Benjamin Moore London Fog

BM single london fog chip

This light warm gray paint color is a great recommendation for farmhouse-style spaces.

It exhibits a blend of cool and warm undertones both – and at the same time, make your space feel refreshed and vintage-like.

You can best pair this color with darker tones of wooden textures to further enhance the overall appearance.


Furthermore, you can also consider pairing this tone of warm gray with SW Pure White as a subtle base.

With an LRV of 57.23 – this paint color feels quite light yet with a significant level of depth.

I highly recommend using this paint color for door and window frames along with accent walls. Try using it in farmhouse bedrooms and bathrooms, specifically!

See my full review of BM London Fog to learn a ton more on this color!

Behr Toasty Gray

behr single toasty gray chip

This is also one of the most popular paint colors in the construction and interior design industry.

The popular greige paint color has a perfect blend of gray and beige to add a sense of chic farmhouse-style to the room.

With an LRV of 61, this paint feels quite reflective and can be used to create an illusion of a larger space.

Another beautiful feature about this paint color is that it sometimes appears gray or beige – depending upon the compass direction of the window.

Plus, this paint color can be used in a combination with blue or green to add a ‘modern’ farmhouse touch to the room.

Don’t forget to add a tinge of SW Pure White on the ceilings and trims.

Generally, it would look flabbergasting on kitchen cabinets, interior walls, exterior shiplap, porch columns, and even door and window frames.

Check out my full review on Behr Toasty Gray now!

Valspar Clary Sage

Mainly, farmhouse style is all about neutrals and muted tones.

But with the latest combinations and trends, pops of greens and blues are making a strong statement in the farmhouse style design.

And one such notable example is Clary Sage by Valspar.

This tranquilizing and refreshing paint color has a perfect tinge of gray and green to add a subdued background to the farmhouse-style space.

Sometimes it looks green or gray – depending upon the kind of natural light hitting.

It’s best to add a touch of this paint color in the kitchens (cabinets), bedroom and living room focal walls, furniture frames, and even the exterior door frames and shutters.

Furthermore, try adding a touch of wooden textures through floating shelves, exposed beams, and artwork frames.

I should also mention the similar and ever-popular SW color Snowbound here. My same guidance applies for this one!

Farrow and Ball Wevet

Another white paint color that you must consider for your farmhouse backdrops!

I highly recommend choosing this paint for kitchens as well as bedrooms since it exhibits a warm and welcoming, vintage feel without making it too overwhelming!

This white paint color can be used on the walls (interiors and exteriors) in amalgamation with rustic wooden textures, buffalo plaid patterns on the fabric, and ample glass jars, and vintage sign boards.

Moreover, this paint color is quite versatile. So, just in case you plan to redecorate your home repetitively – you might not need a fresh coat of paint.

Sherwin Williams Waterloo

SW single waterloo chip 1

Farmhouse style avoids too bright paint colors but when there’s an earthy touch to it – you can definitely consider it!

This paint color has deep gray undertones and that’s why you can best pair it with SW Extra White or SW Pure White.

In the kitchens, you can best incorporate this paint color on the lower cabinets to imbibe an authentic farmhouse appeal.


Secondly, you can also consider this paint color on the focal walls in the bedroom and dining room.

In the exteriors, consider this paint color on the columns, trims, shutters, and moldings!

Yes, it truly plays a beautiful accent in the modern farmhouse backdrops.

See my complete guide on SW Waterloo here!

Benjamin Moore Ivory White

This one is a soft off-white paint color that can definitely make a welcoming statement in farmhouse backdrops.

This tone of lighter beige can be best incorporated on the shiplap, interior trim, and even built-in shelves.

I highly recommend using this paint color in the kitchens (especially the cabinets) in addition to rustic wooden shelves, apron sink, white backsplash, and hardwood floors.

Although in the south or west-facing rooms, this color can totally reflect yellow undertones!

BM Ivory White can also be used on the exterior trims, moldings, door and window frames, and base walls inside the home.

So, if you want to incline towards the warmer side of the farmhouse style – this color is one of the most versatile and timeless to look forward to!

Behr Antique Tin

A less known option but Behr Antique Tin is a beautiful gray paint color that can be used in farmhouse-style homes.

However, you have to be quite thoughtful when incorporating this paint color.

Generally, using it on the shiplap and door and window frames is a great way to introduce a tinge.

It’s dark and dramatic – just opposite for what a generic farmhouse color palette would offer (an airy and open feel).

And that’s why you must only use this color as an accent or little amounts.

This paint color has a slight softness to it – which totally works for your farmhouse style design.

Valspar Green Froth

Valspar green froth is a beautiful gray-green paint color that can be used on the interior walls, kitchen cabinets, and entryway door frame.

It feels refreshing and has just the right amount of pastel and earthy touch to it – hence, a great option for farmhouse backdrops.

You can also consider using this paint color pop on the lower cabinets in amalgamation with a true white on the upper cabinets and backdrop wall in the kitchen.

Furthermore, if you have shiplaps in the interiors – have them painted in this or another from SW called Rainwashed.

This paint color also makes a beautiful statement in the farmhouse-style bathrooms – with white cabinets reigning the palette.

Furthermore, a tinge of wooden textures (especially pine) is something that must be looked forward to!

Farrow and Ball Pointing

This is a white paint color dedicated to farmhouse style design!

It’s clean and crisp – and makes a perfect statement in any of the spaces – exteriors or interiors.

But I highly recommend you choose this true white for walls (smaller-sized spaces), trims, moldings, ceilings, shiplaps, baseboard, patio columns, and other architectural features.

In the bathrooms – you can consider painting the vanity in this specific paint color.

Also, the kitchen cabinets would love a touch of Farrow and Ball Pointing in amalgamation with rustic wooden finishes and focal iron statements.

To make it further eye-catchy and visually interesting, you can consider adding shades of pastel blue and green.

Inspiration and Examples

Benjamin Moore China White plays a chic role in the farmhouse-style kitchen when topped with rustic floating shelves.

Sherwin Williams Gibralter is a beautiful blue-gray paint color that adds on a perfect vibe in your modern farmhouse kitchen.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain is a soothing green that pairs beautifully with SW Pure White. Yes, this is a combination you must have an eye on – especially with a farmhouse style kitchen.

Sherwin Williams Passive is a cool-toned gray paint that looks flabbergasting on a barn door. Looking to try that?

Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray has a perfect blend of warm gray and depth in it. Hence, definitely a recommendation! 

Summing It Up

You don’t have to be very strict when choosing a color palette for the farmhouse style design.

Just ensure to make it more thoughtful, easy-breezy, and extremely lively!

And one of the best ways to do so is by simply incorporating tinges of neutrals, grays, whites, beiges, and greiges! 

Apart from these paint suggestions, ensure to add rustic wood finishes, ample vintage sign boards, rustic clocks, and antique furniture pieces.

So, which color suggestion intrigued you the most? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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