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Exclusive Craftsman with Amazing Great Room House Plan 73330h

exclusive craftsman 73330HS31

House Plan Specifications:

house plan icon Sq. Ft.: 3,634
house plan icon
Stories: 2
house plan icon Bedrooms: 4-5
house plan icon
Garage Spaces: 2-3

This ideal craftsman 2-story house plan is designed to perfection with a wondrous great room and a spacious garage that can accommodate up to 3 cars.  The house with its detailing makes this home a delight to look at.


Here are the plans:

exclusive craftsman 73330HS44


exclusive craftsman 73330HS50



exclusive craftsman 73330HS51


exclusive craftsman 73330HS41


exclusive craftsman 73330HS5

A wide entry porch leads into the dark chestnut door that complements the wooden floor. To store your coats, boots, and belongings, a boot bench and closet are incorporated on the right side as you enter.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS24

The marvelous 2-story great room offers vertical space while the large window allows natural light in. The wooden fence complements the wooden floor and the soft off-white rug enhances the leather sofas.

Television can also be placed above the fireplace, and to add a touch of privacy, you can add light, translucent curtains as well.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS38

The owners’ bed on the upper floor has its very own romantic fireplace with an inward ceiling that allows light to play around while the light and cozy sofa contrasts with the dark bed and, create a sense of balance.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS45

exclusive craftsman 73330HS47

exclusive craftsman 73330HS42

The owner’s bathroom has a shower cabin and a bathtub, along with a separate washbasin as well as a large walk-in closet. The brown tiles almost appear like a wooden floor while the grey walls create a sense of harmony.

You can add a grey rug against the bathtub for easy access out of the tub, as well as a pop of color.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS37

A bathroom with vintage tiles and a dark brown cabinet, giving it a warm vibe.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS33

The kitchen with its unique eat-out marble island that can be utilized from 4 sides. We have off-white cabinets with dark wooden flooring that create an element of harmony. 

exclusive craftsman 73330HS27

exclusive craftsman 73330HS23

A dark themes kitchen that gives off a warm and cozy ambiance and directly connects to the great room.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS18

The off-white stove area acts as a focal point against the rest of the darker wooden cabinets and the floor. It also creates a connection between the island and the stove.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS11

The dining space is set differently from the rest of the house. There is a use of a darker wooden table with cream white chairs, a rug, and a credenza.

You can incorporate fresh plants, a jar of sweets on the table while the credenza stands out with a vase of bright, colorful flowers.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS25

exclusive craftsman 73330HS20

ith the overall neutral setting, the red vase, and cushions along with the green planter, tend to add liveliness to the space.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS32

exclusive craftsman 73330HS9

A warm study room, giving a sense of privacy to handle important business matters, have private discussions or perhaps spend some alone time. An antique setting with wooden furniture and shelf all around and a large window to let natural light in throughout the day.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS36

exclusive craftsman 73330HS46

A wet bar at the upper level of the house designed near the game and family room. It adds easy access along with a fun element to grab snacks for a movie night. The red leather stools stand out with the marble countertop bar.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS3

A look at the front exterior of the house with its spacious garage and entry porch. The grey tiled house with blue glazed windows appears very dreamy.

exclusive craftsman 73330HS35

The rear exterior of the house with stairs that lead up to the upper floor. 



The rich and one-of-a-kind 2-story craftsman detailing of the house radiates warmth.

The wide foyer has a built-in bench and walk-in coat closet for your ease and comfort while the open floor plan combines views of four rooms, from the dining room to the kitchen to the two-story great room to the sunny dinette. The hearth room or study are both close by for your alone time or important discussions and meetings.

The second floor holds a sumptuous master suite with a romantic corner fireplace. Two washbasins, a big tub, and a large walk-in closet are all part of the master bathroom.  The upper level has an amazing family room and games room with a wet bar plus storage and an extra bedroom and bath. 

Get it all in one for a wonderful and exciting living experience.

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