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Suitable for Everyday Nightstand

Nightstands are a must-have item in any bedroom. They hold the lamp, the book, the glass of water, and for most of us the cell phone or tablet. If your decor tends to style on the side of mid-century modern and you want to make one yourself, Scott from Saws on Skates has the perfect solution.


He builds one from the ground up, which means that he does not start with a base nightstand.  If you are new to woodworking you may want to get help from a more experienced woodworker. Scott shares several good photos to help you understand each cut and where to make it. Be sure to have the right tools to work with, it will help make construction go a lot better.

This nightstand makes a perfect companion for mid-century modern decor. It is functional and as an added bonus it provides much-needed storage if you are in a small space.

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