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How to Refresh Your Home with an Essential Oil Burner

essential oil burner

In the United States, the essential oil market has already exceeded $4 billion.

Many people use essential oils for perfume, boosting energy, aiding in digestion, and even for stress relief.

If you are looking for a natural way to make your home smell good and also give you relief from certain ailments, this is an excellent option.

Continue reading to learn about how an essential oil burner can give your home a refresh and even yourself!

How an Essential Oil Burner Can Benefit Your Home

Vaporizing essential oils in a burner is a great way to get your home smelling refreshed, clean, and comforting.

There are many different scents that you can purchase for your essential oil burner.

When your home smells good, it can help put you in a better mood because you are breathing in a pleasant scent, and who doesn’t enjoy that?!

Not only will your house smell good, but you will also have more purified air and it can help kill certain bacteria.

Depending on the scents that you get for your burner, you can feel more stimulated, relaxed, meditated, and calm.

Lemon oil is an excellent option if you are trying to have a home that promotes focus, lavender works well for both calming down and killing bacteria.

Rose and peppermint oils tend to be more stimulating while sandalwood can help induce a meditative state.

How to Use an Oil Burner

The most common types of burners that people purchase are either electric, involve a candle, or can be vaporized with water.

Fortunately, they are easy to use and can be placed almost anywhere in the house (as long as it won’t be knocked down).

An oil burner is slightly different than an oil diffuser.

Oil burners are typically a bowl shape and are used by placing a couple of drops of water and essential oil inside.

Underneath the bowl is often a tealight candle that you light and it helps vaporize the oil.

Copper and porcelain bowls tend to be most popular because they help put off a better fragrance, last longer, and just look more appealing to the eye.

If you are looking for trendy oil burners, keep an eye out for unique options that have designs, different patterns, and shapes.

Different Types of Oil Burners

When it comes to essential oils and burners, there is no shortage of different scents and styles.

As mentioned above, the traditional oil burners are a bowl that you put water and oil into, with a tealight burning underneath.

The scent fills the room as the oil is burned and evaporated as steam.

Be sure to blow out candles when you leave the house or room as to not break them or burn the house down!

Hot bowls are another option that you can use to get your oils in the air.

This is different than the traditional option because it is electric and does not require water.

Other people have made claims that putting a couple of drops of the essential oil and water into a saucer and setting it in the sun (or next to the radiator) also works just as great.

Make the Most out of Your Oil

Let’s face it—essential oils are not always the cheapest options for making your home smell good.

However, there are many tricks that you can do to help make the oil last longer, smell stronger, and be worth every penny.

If you are trying to make a room more fragrant, closing the door and windows can help keep the fragrance inside.

Some people even use a couple of drops of oil in the shower and let the steam benefit themselves and make the room smell better without using much product.

If you choose to get an electric burner, you should be sure to check the bulb every so often to make sure that it is properly burning and not wasting energy.

Another way that you can get the most for your money is that you won’t have to buy both candles and nightlights.

Since the burners either run on lightbulbs or candles, you will already have a soft light that puts out amazing scents.

Safety First

When using essential oil burners, it is important to take safety measures and be aware of the things that could go wrong.

Unfortunately, if your burner uses a candle, your risk of a fire catching increases, but if you keep it in a safe place away from paper and flammable objects, you should be safe.

Keeping your burner at a low temperature can prevent the bowl from cracking and causing oil, wax, and porcelain to go everywhere.

Using your burner in 30-minute increments can also help keep your burner from overheating and causing a headache.

Keep Calm and Get Your Essential Oil On

Purchasing an essential oil burner can be exciting because of all the benefits it can bring into your home.

Using scents like orange and peppermint can help make your home smell clean and vibrant.

You will more than likely feel just as refreshed as your home when using them because they work so well.

No longer are the days of the house smelling stale, like last night’s dinner, or even worse.

Essential oils are a great addition to any home (or workplace) and are easy and convenient to use.

Be sure to look out for more articles like this one on our DIY section so that you can turn your house into a home.

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