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Looking for an Easy Kitchen Update? Cheap and Easy Ideas That Will Revamp Your Kitchen

Easy kitchen update

If you’re in need of a kitchen update, know you don’t have to spend an arm and leg for an entire kitchen remodel.

You can do an easy kitchen update without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn more.

Easy Kitchen Update: Add Some Pattern


One of the easiest ways to get your kitchen looking great (again) is to give a thorough cleaning.

In fact, a clean oven can do wonders for adding life back to your kitchen as you cook in it.

Another simple way to update otherwise bland kitchen is to add a little pattern.

This could be a simple as adding a funky vintage patterned rug. dish towels of kitchen gadgets to your kitchen space.

Or take it up a notch and add some fun floral wallpaper to your walls, this adds a ton of personality to even the smallest kitchen space.

You also can play with adding two patterns at the same time, just be sure that the patterns you’re adding have some linking color between them.

Hang Floating Shelves

If your kitchen is tiny, there’s a chance you want more space. One of the easiest ways to get more space while clearing up your countertop is by adding some floating shelves.

You can add some rustic shelves and adorn them with fun glasses, dishes or even fresh flowers and artwork.

Add Color With Stools

If you have bar seating in your kitchen. why not make the most of that space by adding some colorful metal stools.

Go for different but corresponding colors to really make your all-white kitchen pop with color.

Try Plates For Wall Decor

Take a fun or funky plate and stick it to your wall with some removable sticks or plate hangers.

You can do this with treasured heirloom you’re too scared to use or even pick up a couple of fun cheap vintage dishes for some wall flare.

Hang Pendant Lights

Think of lights are kitchen jewelry. The right types of pendant lights can really tie your whole room together and really make a lasting statement.

Go Monochrome

Your kitchen might just simply need a paint job, and nothing transforms a room more than a simple coat of paint or two.

Go for teal or a rose pink and cover up all of your walls and cabinets with the same color.

Add An Inexpensive Dining Table

Update your dining room table with a new one that’s chic and inexpensive but also has a function.

Grab one at a tag sale or from a store like IKEA.

Show Off Your Goods

Why hide all your stuff in your cabinets? Instead, show off your glassware and colorful bowls on open shelves to really catch the eye!

You can also add hooks under your shelves to hang teacups.

Set Up Snack Drawers

Organize your pantry in a way that your healthy foods are in lower drawers so your kids can easily grab them for afterschool snacks.

Enhance Your Appliances

You can easily recover your basic boring stainless steel stove appliances with pretty shades of pastel mint. All you need are vinyl covers.

Update Your Kitchen Today

Now that you know how to do an easy kitchen update, transform your kitchen today. All you need is a little creativity and some time and anything is possible.

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