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Easy DIY Farmhouse Bench for Any Space

Making a great looking and practical bench for your home doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

In fact, Natalie from The Creative Mom shows us how possible both of these are doable with just a couple of the right tools and less than $20 for lumber.

This DIY mom confirms that anyone can create a quality piece with charming appeal out of wood.

She shares all of her tips, from streamlining the purchase of wood from the Home Depot to getting the perfect farmhouse look: Worn bench edges and distressed paint on the corners add to the authentic look.

Follow Natalie along on her blog thecreativemom as she provides specific instructions for each step and includes high-quality photos so that you can match you can match up to her project.

Natalie’s approach is so simple and the finished product looks so great, that there really isn’t any reason to make any structural modifications.

This is one of those versatile pieces of furniture that is perfect for families of all sizes.

You can use it indoors or outdoors. Natalie tells you just what stain and paint you need for your finished product to hold up in any environment for years to come

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