Easy Bead Board Wallpaper Headboard

When Tamara of Provident Home Designs was expecting her fourth baby, a great room shuffle had to occur in her house. This involved Tamara’s toddler transitioning to a full-size bed. Try as she might, Tamara’s Craigslist searches for a headboard like her PBK inspiration came up short, and she wasn’t even able to find plans for a similar piece online. Tamara took matters into her own hands and started from scratch, designing and building her own beadboard headboard. Fortunately, she says it was a waaay easy build that even the beginner could tackle!

diy beadboard headboard

Tamara was inspired by Pottery Barn Kids’ Parker Bed.

parker bed

Head on over to Provident Home Designs to see exactly how Tamara built it!

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