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Easy Assembly Copper Clothes Rack

Are your clothes on the floor? Is having a bulky dresser to store clothes out of question for your small space? Charity Honeycutt from HGTV has a great solution for your clothes storage problem.

If you have some time, copper tubing, and epoxy this standing clothes rack can be yours. The best part of this project is the use of epoxy to keep everything together. A blow torch and solder are not needed here. Charity provides a simple list of materials and shows you step by step how she put everything together.

This project is deceptively simple and once you make one you can easily make another one. Be careful when cutting the pipes as they will have burrs. A small burr brush will remove any of the copper burrs made from cutting. A smooth piece of copper will go together easier than one with burrs. A great project to keep your area clutter free.

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