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All You Need to Know When Installing a Driveway Gate


We’ve all heard of the common phrase that good fences make great neighbors. Even then, the neighbors have to use the gate as an access point to your property.

But, what should you know before having a gate installed? For starters, it should be easy to access and look good.

We’ve highlighted five things you need to know before installing a gate. Keep reading!

Choose the Same Fencing as the Gate

Great homes will have gates that match the main fencing material. In fact, many fencing contractors will give you an option of gates that match the fencing. You will have options like;

  • Wrought iron
  • Timber
  • Aluminum

The best material to enhance the streetscape is wrought iron, but it is the most costly option of the three. Should you choose a brick fence, there are other materials in between the bricks. Consider using the same material for your gate.

If your fence is purely brick fencing, you will have more options for the gate. Just make sure your gate ultimately stands out as the most prominent feature of the streetscape.

Remember, you might want to confirm it is on your property before installing the gate. A good surveyor will advise you on how to correctly have a dividing fence as well.

Notify the Council

We know what you are thinking. But, make sure you seek council permission before installing a gate. Some things could go wrong, including:

  • Going outside the boundaries in the installation.
  • The neighbor and yourself should pay for a fence dividing properties.

Also, if installing a dividing gate, it doesn’t have to match your front gate, but it should complement it.

Consider an Automated Driveway Gate


A great gate is easy to open for pedestrians, and a driveway gate should probably be as easy as well. Opening the gate manually every time you pull up can be tiring.

Experts advise that installing an automatic gate will come in handy for a driveway gate.

While these gates are more costly, the cost is soon forgotten after experiencing their efficiency. And these motorized gates also can be solar-powered.

Solar gates come with a battery that allows them to function efficiently even at night.

The Children

If you’ve lived by the main road, you know how dangerous it can get for a wandering child. The child may wander on the sidewalk and never retrace their way back.

The great news is, a childproof latch on your driveway gate will solve all the worries. Make the latch high enough that they can’t reach it or make it a little more difficult for them to open.

And childproof gates are needed around pool areas as well. Many kids below age 5 are extremely curious and may sneak away just below our noses.

The last thing you want is to have your child on the main road unsupervised. A great driveway gate will mitigate these risks for you.

Consider the Dog


The last thing a dog owner wants is their pet escaping through the gate or fence when you’re not around. For this reason, you should consider:

  • The gate should be high enough to deter a jumping dog. And, the installation should be well done not to allow digging of a burrow or having the dog squeeze between the horizontal posts.
  • Ensure that the horizontal posts do not allow even the dog’s paw in between, as it could jump over easily.

An arched gate or simply a taller gate will keep your dog just where you want it. And, if there are sharp objects on the arched gate, the dog is less likely to jump over it. Additionally, you could have buried bricks under the gate to make sure no burrowing is done by the dog. Our dogs spend most of the time in the yard, pay attention to every detail to avoid a “break out.”

Safety Considerations

Stopping in the roadway, waiting for the gate to open, is never a great thing to do. You may want a gate that opens faster while you are in the driveway for your safety and that of other road users. Also, consider a gate that swings into the property.

But if the sloping or curving landscape of the driveway doesn’t allow that, you can still have one that swings out.

Remember, tall gates are great to keep your kids or your pets safer, but taller solid gates may obstruct views causing some safety concerns.

Be sure to consider all this when selecting a driveway gate. A driveway gate is great in offering some peace of mind and enhancing the streetscape of your property. Be sure to consider these tips when selecting one!

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