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Long Term Durability Drill Storage Station

Organization in the garage is important to the well-being of the home. Looking for a certain tool when something needs fixed should not take a lot of effort, am I right?

Amy, from Her Tool Belt, shares with us her great design to get several cordless power tools organized.


Weighty, solid, and built for long service, this project would make a great present for the guy with power tools covering the top of his workbench.

The handy drawer for drill bits and attachments is a perfect addition.

What’s even better is the built-in power strip installed perfectly in the back of the top shelf. This makes it super easy to charge those batteries when needed.

Amy includes a detailed list of supplies, and several well drawn out schematics, to make putting this together easily.

If you have not worked with power tools before, ask a more experienced friend to help. This won’t be too bad though.

When you’re all done, you can paint a cool industrial color or even stain to get a finished workshop look.

With a storage station built for tools like cordless drills in your garage, you will be organized and ready to go the next time you need to get a cordless power tool quickly.

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