Dried Citrus Round Décor

Candace from Citrus and Cream was browsing an Anthropologie store when she saw a cool hanging wall display made from citrus rounds. As the name her blog implies, Candace is a citrus-loving girl and didn’t need much prompting to make her own dried citrus rounds that have a ton of decorative uses from garlands to wreaths to ornaments to gift embellishments. This is one DIY ANYONE can do – all you need is citrus fruit and an oven!


The original inspiration came from this display from Anthropologie.

anthropologie citrus round display

Head on over to Citrus and Cream for the how-to.

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  1. Now, this is something that will definitely raise some eyebrows! I’m going to have to look into this

  2. Thanks for including our DIY project. :) This really is such a simple craft, and the possibilities are endless. We’re looking forward to enjoying these dried rounds in our fall decor.