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Plan Your Dream Space! 8 Inspiring Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Did you know that an average person spends approximately 92 days over their lifetime in the bathroom?

The perfect dream space should be somewhere cozy and comfortable to be in. A place you can easily relax.

Are you looking to design or redesign your master bathroom? Need some inspiration?

Well, you just got lucky. Here are eight stellar master bathroom design ideas. Have a look you might find something you like.

Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Your master bathroom is a special place in the home. A center of peace and serenity. Somewhere you can unwind after a long day. Read further below and get some inspiration for your bathroom.

1. A Bed of Pebbles

bathroom design

All too often, you would see a luxurious bath design where pebbles are placed under the vanity or the tub. It adds a botanical theme with a touch of art. Pebbles add some warmth to the room with some feel of tradition.

The stone works are pretty simple and sleek at the same time. Besides, pebbles go along with any previous decor or bathroom set. From wood to tiles, a farmhouse style, or modern contemporary, the stones will not disappoint you.

2. Greenery

Adding a touch of life is one of the best bathroom remodel ideas there is. You will feel in touch with the environment and nature at large. A sense of outdoors from indoors.

Regardless of the styling in your house, adding greenery is the most natural way to add plush and liveliness in the bathroom. Besides, greenery has its health benefits, including cleansing the air, even if the environment will mostly be humid.

3. Modern Lighting

There’s something about lighting up a place that makes it unique. There are different lighting options available for bathroom renovation ideas including the warm and cool lighting, chandeliers, candelabras, and other lighting fixtures

Shop for modern designed light fixtures that will add in more light in the bathroom. You could try skylights or colored lighting depending on the color of the walls, or tiling in the bathroom.

The perfect lighting solution can have a profound effect on the look and appearance of your master bathroom. Remember, lighting plays an integral part in the overall look of the room.

4. Glass Galore

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all. It should undoubtedly be you. There is a myriad of bathroom ideas revolving around glasses. From transparent glasses to a frosted/ translucent glass, to the mirrors.

You can choose to have transparent glassing around your bathroom space for openness, and an essence of some outdoor experience. Especially if you’re not a shy person, the glass theme would be an excellent theme for you. It can get you in touch with mother nature.

You could also prefer a mirror selection. Placing mirrors all over the bathroom is a great way to widen the room by impression. Vanity mirrors tend to make the bathroom appear larger and more spacious, especially if the mirrors are large as well.

5. Freestanding Bathrooms

You can rock a freestanding bathroom any day and it would still be classy. Spacing in the master bathroom would be limited meaning you aren’t able to incorporate large bathtubs and jacuzzi. Well, a freestanding bath area is still a lovely bathroom design.

The best way to give life to small bathrooms with a free standing bath area is to add some piece of art, glass sliding doors, and a tiny vanity spot. There are numerous things and accessories you can add to the bathroom to give it that icing on the cake.

6. The Minimalist Design

Simple, precise, and organized is the order of the day with the minimalist design. Simple in terms of decor, not too much information or finesse to allow for a peaceful environment, yet classy.

Precise to mean every area is clean, easy to access items, with exciting touches of your style. Organized is the main idea. You want a place with less clutter, more cabinets for arrangements maybe shelving for personal stuff.

This bath design is best for situations where you’re looking for a peaceful abode to escape to at any time, any day. Plus, this could be the least expensive of all the bathroom design ideas.

7. Tiling

If you’ve been using wooden floors is probably time to switch things up to tiles. The tiling industry remains vibrant and innovative, coming up with the craziest tiling ideas.

You can easily incorporate such in your bathroom for a personal touch. There are many designs to choose from, and they’re easy to clean up whenever your bath exceeds the tub area.

Tiling also offers a complete look where you can use the same tiles on the floor and up the walls. It’s easy to have a uniform or blended look. Besides, they are also an inexpensive way to remodel your bathroom.

8. Mid-Century Modern

A classic bath design dating back to the twentieth century between the years of 1930 to 1950, with a modern feel. The mid-century design has a blend of geometry, graphics, coloring, and symmetry. There’s also a touch of furniture in the bathroom when this style is in play.

The look could be anything from a distinct mahogany chair to wooden cabinets. Add in some modern stainless steel faucets, vanity mirrors, and wooden doors. There could be some art or a touch of greenery.

The look is mystic with a blend of old and new coming to one. This bathroom design is best for a farmhouse styled home. Easy on the eyes and a feeling of relaxation.

Embracing the Bathroom Space

We have shared with you beautiful and stylish bathroom designs that bring life and sleekness. Seeing that we spend quality time in the bathroom, it’s only right to be surrounded by modern elements and other essential things.

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In the meantime, go ahead and implement the above master bathroom ideas and you won’t regret it.

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