Dotted Glassware

Intrigued by Anthro’s confetti glassware, Linda from It All Started with Paint decided to recreate her own using 99 cent thrift store glasses and glass paint pens. Linda’s daughter joined in the fun of dotting all their fun, party-worthy glasses. While this is a way easy project, it does require some patience since you will making lots and lots of dots for a full set of glassware.


Linda’s inspiration came from Anthropologie’s retired Confetti Glassware.

anthro confetti glassware

Read more at It All Started with Paint.


  1. I love what Linda did with these. She’s so creative!

  2. Love these! What a great idea!

  3. I saw these on Linda’s website…love them then, love them again.

  4. Cute and colorful, sort of makes me wonder why anyone would buy from Anthro, but I guess there is a whole bunch of folks out there not as creative as Linda @ItAllStartedwithPaint.


  5. Such a great Knock Off. I do love an easy project. 🙂

  6. Totally love the fun confetti look! These are so cute and I love that you could even do them in different colors. Super darlin’ knock-off!!

  7. Fun and colorful – perfect for a glass of lemonade!