Door to Trumeau Mirror

This French-inspired mirror from Suzanne at Meridian Road is just another example of the beauty that can be created from an old door. With some decorative accents and paint, Suzanne transformed a $2.50 thrift store door into a gorgeous trumeau-style mirror. I love the architectural element it adds to the space.

old door to trumeau mirror 

Suzanne’s mirror reminds me of the Trumeau Mirror from Restoration Hardware.

Trumeau Mirror

See the complete transformation at Meridian Road.


  1. Suzanne is a genius! She really has a great blog. 🙂

    Have always loved this project.

  2. Thanks for the feature! What a thrill!

  3. Suzanne this is amazing I would love to know the details of how you made this peace it would complete my room. Thanks meghan