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Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Furniture, Part 1: Seating

diy outdoor furniture

Soak up some vitamin D. Feel the breeze in your hair. Enjoy your backyard! But wait…is your deck or patio empty? I understand, outdoor furniture can be so expensive! Boost yourself up with a quick DIY project for outdoor furniture!

Part 1 of this Outdoor Furniture series is focusing on Seating, to include benches, chairs, sofas, and swings. Clear your day (or your weekend) so you can get started on these awesome DIYs that will transform your backyard! (While you’re looking at your calendar, you should probably plan a party to celebrate your new decorations, too!)



Seating is essential in every kind of living space, which includes your backyard! Whether you host parties, outdoor dinners, BBQs, or just afternoons with your family, a bench is a great option. It seats more than one person (and tends to seat more than you’d expect, too!). They are easy to move around to the edges of your space, around a table, next to a fire pit, or even out into the grassy yard.

Although the best thing about these DIY outdoor benches is that they are super easy to make! Two legs and a top couldn’t be more simple (especially like #4!). Jump right in to one of these projects for an instant solution to your lack of outdoor seating! BONUS: #3 solves your problem of outdoor seating and storage!



As we just mentioned, benches provide seating for a crowd. Do you have a smaller outdoor space, like a balcony or narrow yard? Or do you simply host your own family? Then perhaps outdoor chairs are the next craft project for you.

Large Adirondack chairs (#1) are perfect for sunbathing or watching birds/boats/cyclists/people go by! Fabric chairs (#4) are also nice for relaxing afternoons, and they look super fun. I can definitely imagine these in Hawaiian prints! Speaking of fun, a stuffed pouf (#2) is sure to be a hit with kids! These things are flexible enough to use as a side table, footstool, or chair. But you can’t overlook the simplicity and functionality of a basic outdoor chair (#3).



A sofa, couch, or sectional provide ultimate comfort as you enjoy the great outdoors. Most of these are a simple wooden construction in a rectangular shape. Scrap wood, like from a pallet, would be perfect for an outdoor sofa (assuming you sand off the rough spots). Pile on the cushions, pillow, and blankets for added coziness.



Although non-traditional, porch swings are an excellent addition to your outdoor living space! Friends of every age will adore this spot (imagine a newborn sleeping in your arms as you rock, or your grandmother falling asleep next to you as you sway back and forth). Most swings are constructed similar to an outdoor sofa in a rectangular shape, like #2 or #4, which uses an old headboard. But have you ever considered an old trampoline (#1)? Yep, those stretchy springs would make a super comfy and extra large swing! Or what about a daybed sized swing? Now you can fulfill your dream of napping outside in style!


What kind of furniture do you have in your outdoor space? Did you purchase it or build it yourself? DIY outdoor furniture is easier to make than you might imagine. If you have an afternoon you could construct a great bench. Half of a day would be enough for a swing or bench, while a weekend might be the right about for a chair. Wood, headboards, trampolines, fabric: the options for designing your perfect outdoor furniture are endless!

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