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DIY West Elm Inspired Bentwood Pendant Light

This West Elm Oblong Bentwood Pendant Light caught the attention of Tasha from Designer Trapped who was looking to incorporate the look into her family room.

Her problem however was that she didn’t feel she could justify the $199 price tag and decided to recreate it on her own for a lot less.

Using a pendant light kit, some quilting hoops and floral rings as well as some other DIY supplies she was able to recreate the light for $40.

Tasha recommends that you buy all your supplies in person from craft store and home improvements stores instead of on Amazon because in-store coupons helped her obtain the low price tag.

This is how Tasha’s pendant light turned out.


This is the West Elm pendant light that inspired Tasha’s DIY.


If you’re interested in this DIY you can read Tasha’s original post here.

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Monday 4th of July 2016

Love the pendant. It looks better than the West Elm pendant. I especially like the darker brown stain.

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