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DIY Wall Clock

Do you have a blank wall that’s just crying out for a statement piece? Do you want something beautiful as well as functional? Look no further. This tutorial by Ashley of handmadehaven walks you through all the steps to creating a beautiful and functional large wall clock.

Ashley gives us a complete supply list as well as having detailed photos available to help visualize the process. She starts her project by cutting a round of wood. She points out that many home stores have pre-cut rounds in various sizes, so that would make this project even easier. After the round is primed and has dried, the Roman numeral decals are applied to the clock face, but the backing remains in place on the decals. The clock face is then painted, with the paint applied over the decals.

Once the paint has dried, the backing on the stickers is peeled away leaving the primer showing through. The possibilities for creativity are endless for this project.

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Monday 21st of May 2018

we bought, at Goodwill, one of those three-legged unfinished round tables that were popular a few years ago and we are going to make that into a large wall clock.

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