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21 Best DIY Wall Art Ideas

21 Best Wall Art Ideas

We all know that painting the walls in your house can make a big impact to the look and feel of your home. What you do next with these walls is just as important.

DIY wall art ideas are truly endless once you start thinking beyond classic picture frames, shelves and painted art pieces.

The idea of “art” can go in any direction when you consider textures, materials, colors, dimensions, nature, and even lights and sound.

In other words, it seems anything you see or can imagine in art can be transferred to something hanging off, leaning on, or even sitting by a wall like a piece of furniture.

These 21 wall art ideas only scratch the surface, but as you check them out let your creativity soar and think about other materials you can use; wood, metal, glass, paper, yarn, leaves, foam, dirt, light or even water.

There is virtually nothing out there that can’t be DIY’d into some kind of fabulous wall art. Enjoy!

1. DIY Framed Branch Art

Bring nature indoors and create this perfectly balanced display. Any geometric shape will do.

DIY Framed Branch Art

See the DIY Tutorial:

2. Rustic Wood Wall Stars

This one may seem hard to get just right but with the supplied detailed plans, you’ll have some perfect wooden stars on your walls in no time.

Rustic Wood Wall Stars

See the DIY Tutorial:

3. Framed Pressed Flowers

This is such a great way to preserve flowers. Grab some of your favorites from springtime or summer and create your custom flower art.

In the fall, you can use colored leaves from yellow to brown and everything in between.

Framed Pressed Flowers

See the DIY Tutorial:

4. Giant Canvas Made with Sheetmusic

This piece costs $2,000 if you buy it. If you make it, it’ll be a mere fraction of that. It’s big and looks amazing.

Giant Canvas Made with Sheetmusic

See the DIY Tutorial:

5. Watercolor Mosaic

A fun way to use a classic cut and glue method. Have fun painting a few sheets of paper with your favorite water color hues, then cut them all up for an inspiring mosaic.

Watercolor Mosaic

See the DIY Tutorial:

6. DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Treatment

Who says the best wall art ideas should be on a canvas or a frame? Why not make your entire wall the canvas with these bright hexagons.

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Treatment

See the DIY Tutorial:

7. Whimsical Paper Flower Wall Décor

Add a touch of lightness, literally. These easy-to-make paper flowers can adorn any wall.

Even if your wall already has something on it, these work great to intersperse among other items.

Whimsical Paper Flower Wall Décor

See the DIY Tutorial:

8. Vibrant Citrus Wood Paintings

Brighten up any space with these super colorful citrus fruit paintings. Is your mouth watering yet?

Vibrant Citrus Wood Paintings

See the DIY Tutorial:

9. Filled Shutter Wall Design

Another grand, full-wall art design. It takes some doing but you can follow this blogger’s full tutorial and save time following someone else who’s done it!

Filled Shutter Wall Design

See the DIY Tutorial:

10. Real Life Succulent Garden Wall

What’s alive and artsy at the same time? This garden wall!

If you love plants as part of your decor, but struggle to keep them alive this succulent (low-water, low-care) garden that’s attached to your wall may be an answer.

Garden wall art

See the DIY Tutorial:

11. Bamboo Skewer Sculpture

Utter simplicity can sometime bring about the most interesting designs.

These sea-creature(?) looking sculptures can be painted any color to add an intriguing touch to your decor.

Bamboo Skewer Sculpture

See the DIY Tutorial:

12. Modern Circles Wall Art

Again, simplicity prevails to make awesome looking art for your walls.

Check out the secret this DIY’er used to make these circles and display them “3D” like on her bedroom wall.

Modern Circles Wall Art

See the DIY Tutorial:

13. Painted Pallet Artwork

No list of wall art ideas would be complete without a lovely pallet wood pieces.

DIY projects using reclaimed pallet wood is as trendy as ever. Painting them up with words is one such example you can have a lot of fun with.

Painted Pallet Artwork

See the DIY Tutorial:

14. Cylinder Artsy Wall Piece

Grab a few sizes of dowels and paint samples from Home Depot and you can make this crazy piece.

With it’s ever-random surface and mixture of colors it’ll leave you staring for a minute or two.

Cylinder Artsy Wall Piece

See the DIY Tutorial:

15. Backlit Canvas Wall Decor

Wall art meets accent lighting? Check out how this DIY’er uses small lights to make her wall art really shine.

Backlit Canvas Wall Decor

See the DIY Tutorial:

16. Distressed Wood Wall Carvings

This is one where color isn’t necessary. There’s something about the all white appearance with a hint of age placed on it.

Distressed Wood Wall Carvings

See the DIY Tutorial:

17. Painted Wood Distressed American Flag

A trendy favorite, the American flag looks incredible on old wood.

This project and accompanying tutorial is particularly good, and will leave your friends thinking you paid hundreds of dollars for it somewhere.

Painted Wood Distressed American Flag

See the DIY Tutorial:

18. Doily Flower Nature Art

You gotta love when you can use a picture canvas to make really pretty wall art and not use any paint.

Doily Flower Nature Art

See the DIY Tutorial:

19. Wood Paneled Wall Map

An extremely popular item on Etsy, you can either buy a custom one…or follow these easy guidelines to make your own.

Wood Paneled Wall Map

See the DIY Tutorial:

20. Painted Plant Wall Art

Straightforward and simply beautiful. Use plants and leaves from your yard or go on a hike and collect some memories you can keep forever on your family room wall.

Painted Plant Wall Art

See the DIY Tutorial:

21. Wood Shim DIY Wall Art

Gorgeous and genius. Follow this one with whatever colors you desire, and you’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off this amazing DIY creation.

Wood Shim DIY Wall Art

See the DIY Tutorial:

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