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DIY Vintage Plate Display

If you have a collection or just a few vintage plates that you purchased or were given to you, you probably would like to display them in a way that fits with your decor. Angie from knickoftime used some old wood to create an inexpensive yet beautiful way to display her plates.

She started with a long narrow panel from a door. Angie explains in detail how she mounted a piece of scrap wood to the back and installed some D rings for hanging the finished project. The scrap wood on the back ensured that the screws which would hold the plate would not come through the wood on the back and mar her wall. Besides step-by-step instructions, Angie also provides detailed photos to help illustrate the procedure. Since Angie used the panel from an old door she already had, the project cost her almost nothing.

Even if you have to scour flea markets to find an appropriate door, the project still is quite inexpensive.

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