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21 DIY Table Legs Ideas Your Tables Will Love

diy table legs ideas

The legs you use for your table are vital in providing stability and strength. Your pencil must not roll off, the table must not wobble, and you must be able to apply some weight.

And when it comes to DIY table legs, you want what will make your project look spectacular, especially if you’re aiming for a little bit of that ‘wow’ factor.

Materials to create table legs range from wood to metal, plastic, and concrete.

Of course the type of table you’re creating and where you want to use it will determine what’s best to use. (A kitchen table will look a lot different from a table for the garage).

Tables can be made portable by using folding or collapsible legs. Different table leg options create different looks and uses, such as hairpin legs, x-frame, industrial, rustic, modern, etc.

You can even add wheels for mobility and add adjustable levelers on uneven terrain. 

If you’re concerned about scratching up your floors or skidding, don’t worry! There are many products available to attach underneath your add-on table legs to prevent these issues.

What Type of Legs Are You Looking For?

Easy Wooden Table Legs

Creating wooden table legs can be from incredibly easy to make to very advanced.

For example, you can cut a square one in your workshop or have it cut to size at a hardware store. 

Chic, round table legs are more complex and require intricate turning woodworking techniques. If you’ve got the skills, you’ve got options!

The More Advanced Trestle Leg

Building trestles as table legs is another sophisticated technique for the more experienced carpenter.

Trestles can always be bought and used as a shortcut in your DIY project. 

Don’t let your lack of experience with woodwork stand in the way of tackling your masterpiece table-building project.

What about Metal Table Legs?

Want an industrial or modern look using metal? You might need your welding shield!

With metal, you’ve got plenty of options to up the drama of your project.

Steel tubing, pipes, or even metal sheeting give you strong, supportive frames and a bold style.

example of diy coffee table legs

Easy Table Leg Hack

You can also buy legs to attach under your tabletop. Attaching them is simple. 

Methods include direct attachment with fasteners like screws or lag bolts, straight and angled metal plates, threaded inserts, mounting blocks, straight and angled cleats, traditional mortise, and tenon joinery. 

The first three methods are the easiest and require limited tools and experience.

Tools Needed When Making Legs for Tables?

Table leg construction requires patience and an understanding of the craft.

Special tools are used to create wooden table leg joints and for welding steel frames. 

The typical tools needed for making wooden table legs are saws, jigs, sanders, hand planes, and chisels. Metal legs require welding machines and angle grinders. 

All construction requires screws, screwdriver levels, drills, and clamps.

Most importantly, you want to protect yourself. Always use safety equipment such as glasses and gloves.

Our Favorite DIY Table Legs

1. Easy and Sturdy

Create your own standard square table legs with cross support and build your dining table. This idea features easy dining table legs that you can make at home.

Easy and Sturdy

2. DIY Eye-Catcher

A multi-use table that uses recycled mannequins is certainly a conversation starter by Make It.



3. Elegant and Easy to Attach

Create an elegant and sturdy kitchen table with these metal DIY kitchen table X-frame legs. They’re easy to install on a range of table tops.


Elegant and Easy to Attach

4.Quick Metal Table Leg Idea

These ready-made table legs are rectangular and easy to attach. They’re ideal DIY dining table legs. Black Powder Coated metal makes them sturdy.

Learn more or buy this set 

5. Make Your Own Chunky Wooden Table Legs

With some experience and the right tools, you can make your own chunky wooden table legs. See this video for easy DIY Wooden Table Legs instructions.



6. Simple Wooden Legs for a Side Table

Maybe you want a classic side table. You can do this by adding simple, wooden legs to a small table top.

simple wooden legs

7. Sophistication with Acrylic

These acrylic and chrome table legs will add a touch of class to your tabletop. Simply select the right top and assemble. 

See more about this set

8. Retro Hairpin Table Legs

Create a classic and natural look by using hairpin legs with a stump slice. A

one-of-a-kind table is within your reach with these versatile table legs that you can purchase or make by bending steel tubing.

Retro Hairpin Table Legs

9. Easy Table Leg Hack

Use a set of DIY farmhouse table legs for an easy table hack. Attach these to your tabletop, and you’ll have a farmhouse-style table in no time. 

These can also be used for your DIY 4×4 table legs project.

Pick these up here

10. Modern Metal Table Legs

Create a modern look by attaching these adjustable metal legs to your desk, coffee table, or kitchen table. 

Buy this set here

11. Pipes for Table Legs: Why Not?

Achieve a classical look with pipes and fitting lying around the house—an easy and creative project for DIY industrial table legs. 

Pipes for Table Legs Why Not

12. Something Different

Use sturdy and attractive fencing or screening material to create legs for a round table. You can even spray paint the fencing to compliment the top. 

Any suitable material can help you create simple table legs.

Something Different

13. Concrete for Outside: Durable and Stunning

Concrete table legs are durable and functional.

Using concrete to create outside tables and countertops is a wonderful idea.

You can use a concrete base to add a wooden or glass tabletop for outdoor use. 



14. Study and Stunning Coffee Table Legs

These table legs are simple to create and easy to attach. Create this classic look in your home by cutting wooden blocks and sanding them down. 

wooden coffee table

15. Round Metal Leg Makes It Modern

The metal leg is easy to obtain new or used. Revamp your old table by repainting the top and replacing the legs with a modern steel one.

round table

16. Create a Geometric Table

Geometric tables never go out of style. Create your own eye-catching coffee table legs to complement the tabletop of your dreams. 



17. Trestle Table Legs

Trestles make tables collapsible and sturdy, so build your own to use as legs. 

Trestle Table Legs

18. Musical Instrument Table Leg

Using an old musical instrument as a table leg is a surprising twist that’s sure to catch anyone’s eye. 

Creating this table will give you a reason to blow your own horn.


Follow this pin shared by Cindy Gray for this idea to use a brass instrument as a table leg.

19. Modernize Your Antique Table 

Reclaim an old table and use the legs with a new tabletop; this is an easy way to create your table.

Modernise Your Antique Table

20. Glass Top on Plastic Table Legs

You can obtain plastic or wooden table legs and mount a glass top on them for a modern and sleek coffee table. 

Glass Top On Plastic Table Legs

21. Curved Wooden Table Legs to Keep It Retro 

Create this retro look with wood and glass. Wooden legs can be cut or salvaged from another furniture piece. 

Look for equal-length curving pieces that can be removed or salvaged, and give this DIY project a try.

Curved Wooden Table Legs to Keep It Retro

You can create a table from basically anything. You’ll require a tabletop, legs, and decoration or paint. 

Find, buy, or build the table of your dreams with any material that will provide you with the strength and look you want.

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