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DIY Switch Plates

In general switch plates for lights are basic and plain but they’re also everywhere in the house. Dana at Me, Myself and DIY decided that after continuously pushing off her desire to give her switch plates an update it was time to create her DIY switch plates. She’d seen various ideas on Pinterest but wanted her switch plates to still fit in with the decor and trim already in her house.

Dana used frames she found at thrift stores and the dollar store to help her with her DIY switch plates. She suggests that you bring your switch plates with you to make sure that the frames fit properly. Depending on your comfort level she points out that you could also create your own frames using trim. She completed her DIY switch plates with spray paint and crazy glue to achieve the subtle but updated look she desired.

Here is one of Dana’s finished DIY switch plates.


You can read Dana’s full DIY here.

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