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DIY Rustic Votive Holders

If you’d like to set a beautiful table, chances are you’ll be including candles in your table decor. There are so many candle and candle holder options, it can be confusing. Leah from offers a tutorial on creating lovely votive holders from a few inexpensive materials.

DIY Rustic Votive Holders

This project is simple enough for you to create any number of votive holders in a short amount of time using inexpensive or found items. Once you’ve collected twigs from your yard (or purchased them in a craft store), you’ll break them into roughly 2.5-inch pieces and separate them into 3 piles. You’ll need about 25 twigs for each votive holder. Leah spray painted one group white, another group gold, and left the third group in its natural state. Once the paint is dry, simply hot glue the twigs onto clear glass straight edge votive holders.

Set a candle in each, light the candles, and enjoy a beautiful rustic centerpiece for your table.

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