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DIY Round Farmhouse Table

A round table seems to be infinitely more useful than a square or rectangular table. It’s easier to seat more people at a round table than any other shape, and it fits nicely into almost any space. Steph and Meg from doityourselfdivas explain how to create a round dining table with a high-end finish.

Once the boards were planed, sanded and glued together, Steph and Meg used a screw at the center of the table as a pivot and cut a rough circle using a router. A belt sander cleaned up the rough edges of the circle. Although constructing the base of the table is not part of this tutorial, a simple base construction can be found on many websites.

Two different stains were mixed to obtain a gray wash look, and this was applied all over the table. Finally, three coats of a water-based poly were sprayed on.

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