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Tabletop Puppet Theatre from Scrap Wood

When challenged by Ana White to use scrap wood to create a project, Jaime of All Trades decided she would make a gift for her niece’s upcoming fourth birthday.

She knew Land of Nod’s Tabletop Puppet Theater would be the perfect size for her little niece and was able to slightly modify the measurements to use the scrap wood she had on hand.

Here’s from Jaime: “This was a quick build and did not cost a thing to make! You can make easily make one for a fraction of what it costs to buy. This would also make a great classroom gift!”

Wood Projects ~ Land of Nod Knock Off Puppet Theatre

The original inspiration came from the Tabletop Puppet Theatre from Land of Nod.

Find the complete tutorial to build your own puppet theatre at Jaime of All Trades.

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